• VirtueMart 3 continues to set global benchmarks

    Compatible with Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3, the new generation of the eCommerce solution VirtueMart is now available with many new easing features. Built with the experience of more than 10 years VirtueMart 3 provides you with a powerful and comprehensive eCommerce solution. We give you a flavour of the work we have done to provide you with one of the best open-source e-commerce solution around! This new generation of the ecommerce platform VirtueMart includes many new features under the hood and...

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After the release of VirtueMart 1.0.3 users discovered some annoying bugs (I wish we had found them before the release). But as always, we can quickly fix those bugs and give you a solution.

It is planned to release another maintenance release (VirtueMart version 1.0.4) soon, which contains all those bug fixes.

Now to the problems and their solutions:

Session problems, mixed up cart, etc. [Task #593], Problem description

Can't install VirtueMart after uninstall

Prices do not show for some users (quick and dirty solution, a better one will be included in 1.0.4)

I really need help in release management. Please contact me if you're interested.

Another interesting enhancing modification for VirtueMart has been recently developed and released on the forum: the Invoice/Receipt/DeliveryNote Addon.

The author, Ingemar (aka Mr_Smurf), writes about it: "It acts as a plugin for order.order_print (The order details page for the administrator) and adds a new tab where you can create invoices, receipts and delivery notes in pdf."

Grab your copy from the forum topic if you like. It can't be installed as a plugin or component, but you will need to upload and modify some files and change the database structure by hand.

Because it's so useful, this addon is expected to be added into the official VirtueMart distribution and will be available with the next minor release (VirtueMart 1.1).

Thanks to Ingemar in this special case and all the other contributors of "mods/tweaks/hacks" for VirtueMart!


We have gold here, ... after few months analyzing other options I realize that VM 2 is the best extension cart solution. Community is active and forum works fine. Go VM team!
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