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XHTMLSuite offers WYSIWYG Editors for Joomla!, Mambo and Elxis. Beside the free Editor TMEdit, the Team from XHTMLSuite.com provides XHTMLSuite Series 1, a highly professional editor - and a high-end editing solution: XHTMLSuite in2it. This product sets standards for any competing product.
XHTMLSuite in2it marks a new era in Online HTML Editing, taking advantage of state of the art technologies and introducing a new user interface that will set standards for all competing products.XHTMLSuite in2it contains a lightweight and yet powerful AJAX library for essential new features.The new AJAX API facilitates a very dynamic application because certain program libraries will be loaded only when they are needed. This makes the editor lightweight and fast loading on start up and thus helps to save system resources.Most cutting edge functions were implemented into XHTMLSuite in2it – functions that thanks to their intelligent design and intuitive handling will make it easy even for non-technical persons to quickly get into HTML editing.At the same time XHTMLSuite in2it with its professional user interface and functions will satisfy even the highest demands of expert users.

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