Villafuente Beadworks & Accessories

fashion design in the philippines. Villafuente Beadworks and Accessories stands for future forward fresh design made out of natural material.
beautiful people have everything their way. Everything they want seems to be served on a silver platter, without so much lifting a single, perfectly manicured finger. Which is why we spend so much on almost every form of vanity – haircuts and highlights, waxing and facial tattoos, even plastic surgery and liposuction! But as they say, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. If you feel beautiful, then you will become beautiful. It’s all in the mind.We Filipinos understand the need to be beautiful. However, the road to perfection need not be that tedious with JEWELLERY. Finely made pieces can light up one’s face and add an enchanting facet to one’s seemingly plain personality. Precious stones set in ornate pendants can make one feel like royalty, while delicate bracelets create a sensation of grace for a blooming young lady. Indeed, jewellery, when expertly and creatively used, can transform an ugly duckling into the most fine-looking person in the world (or at least make him or her feel to be). The costume jewellery industry in the Philippines has evolved into a tradition, with over two decades of colorful history and experience in this volatile field. Despite its competitiveness, the costume jewellery industry is a strong contributor to the country’s dollar income and has provided jobs to more than 60,000 direct and indirect employees. The jewellery sector also proved to be a fast-selling commodity to foreign countries, thus becoming the Philippines’ top export.While most jewellery designers use conventional materials like gold and silver for there pieces, Filipino designers decided to defy the norms and break out of the mold. From producing shell crafts, the industry has since matured to producing materials made out of coconut shell, wood, horn, stone, fibers, bone, leather, metal, paper and resin. Philippine manufacturers are also aware that innate ingenuity can go a long way, which is why they are very choosy when it comes to design, material and color/texture mix. Conquering the international market is also part of the Filipino designers’ agenda. To conquer foreign shores, jewellery exporters have made themselves (and their merchandise) visible in various trade fairs.
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