The complete Mambo distribution, including mambo-phpShop, HTMLArea3_xtd (with ProductSnapshot Add-on) & SolarFlare II Template has been updated once again.

It now includes the security fix for Mambo (update to Mambo 4.5.1b), the latest sources from mambo-phpShop and a newly modified version of HTMLArea3_xtd 1.0 Mambot Version (the downgrade step is due licensing reasons). This version of HTMLArea3_xtd allows the use of the Image & File Manager from the Frontend.

As you can read in the Letterman article, has major problems with file uploads this time (I cannot upload anything beyond 50KB). So the files of the Mambo 4.5.1b *mambo-phpShop Edition* are hosted at once again. The older Editions have been removed from to prevent people from downloading an "insecure" Mambo version.


Update: The error in ps_order.php has been fixed.


#5 spi 2005-02-14 11:56
The sample data installs one vendor category with id = 6. The only vendor installed relates to vendor category = 0. Consequently the vendor list in the shop is empty.

Is that correct?

After playing around with the data using the shop I end up with an error indicating incorrect use of the order by clause, but for the time being I assume this is some follow-up error resulting of corrupted data (in the sense of referentiial integrity).

I tried to fix the problem by setting the id in the table vendor_category to 0 (so RI should be correct). But this still shows an empty vendor list.

I then set the ids in vendor_category AND in vendor to 1 (assuming tha 0 has some special meaning).

But still no vendor is shown. Which leaves me a bit puzzzled.

Any help will be appreciated.

TIA Wolfgang
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#4 gruz 2005-02-13 17:41
Subj. I have never before used the frontend very active. No I've tried - HTMLArea3_xtd doesn't work properly in frontend. For example I can't inser a smile or a symbol. The same works well in backend.

But, I think, thats a question to the HTMLArea3_xtd developers...
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#3 oliver 2005-02-13 16:19

I installed the previous version of *mambo-phpShop Edition* but how do I upgrade my installation to this fine version?

Danke Schön!

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#2 Gruz 2005-02-13 10:21
When choosing any menu point in Order menu I get:

Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in z:\home\softser\www \administrator\ components\com_ phpshop\classes \ps_order.php on line 107

It need to be fixed :-)
Thanks for a great shop :-)
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#1 humaneasy 2005-02-13 00:06

Why not using TinyMCE ( from Moxiecode instead of HTMLArea3_XTD? What are the advantages or disadvantages of both? Do you know?

By the way... thanks for this new great version. Can't wait to install it and test it :-)
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