Today two new downloads were added to the Downloads Section. These are simple buttons that must be copied into the directory /components/com_phpshop/shop_image/ps_image and can afterwards be selected in the Shop configuration Tab "Site", Subtab "Layout" to be your new Add-To-Cart Button...

Have fun and: Thanks to Uwe (aka Sesslie) for creating and providing the button sets.

icon add-to-cart_buttons_01 | icon add-to-cart_buttons_03


#5 alimurat 2005-04-08 01:57
I can't seem to upload anything to that directory. Tried changing the access level settings to 777, but I somehow couldn't manage to :O( What could be the problem???
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#4 daskog 2005-03-07 12:50
realy nice the first set :-)
thank you for sharing
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#3 sesslie 2005-02-17 22:25
hey twerp, nice to see you like my work. :-)

i got a set of d-tree buttons nearly ready. do you like to help me out a little testing them? ( or anybody else ....)

send me a mail to sesslie(at)gmx. de, i can do any background-colo ur you want with just some klicks, i only need the hex-code ...
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#2 twerp 2005-02-17 19:55
the buttons are FABulous... Really needing images that look good [on the edges especially] WITH a black background...

I haven't found the tricks to make things look right that way...

phpShop is So cool... one thing especially to make it look better i think maybe to replace those BIG blue checkout arrows and the shopping cart images...
at least for what I need that is one thing..

Anyways sesslie... YES, anything you can do is fantastic...

I KNOW a lot of people really appreciate them... I also bet anything that most poeple are SO crazed with rushing doing stuff and that's why the commnts aren't pouring in.

what i've found is that the more one get's know in a community [phpshop!] the more the vibe grows...

So BRAVO ,,,


twErP [mark]
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#1 sesslie 2005-02-17 00:19
hi there! as i see, there are already a lot of downloads for the buttons. could you please post some message here if you like them or not. just to know if you need more ... :roll:
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