IRC Channel for mambo-phpShop

mambo-phpShop has an IRC Channel now! As you might have read in the new Forum (which runs smoothly now), all users and developers can join a channel where things about mambo-phpShop in General and in Special can be discussed. You can connect to an IRC Server with every IM application like Trillian or MIRC.

The connection information you need is

Ports: 6667 - 6669
Channel: #phpshop

You can join the channel by typing /join #phpshop.

We are looking for helpers! If you join us as a Helper you will have a lot of advantages; some are:

  • You will have the chance to test new versions
  • You will have constant communication with mambo-phpshop development team
  • We will find solutions to FAQ's right away
  • Unlike other shopping carts, you do not have to wait for your posts to be answered
  • You will be able to setup and run your shop with the convenience of our support desk at #phpshop
  • You will save time in the whole process - from beginning to end

I will try to be there as often as I can. Thanks to Imambo for creating and maintaining this channel. We will create a Helpdesk / FAQ system in that channel, so questions can be answered automatically.