"FlySpray JE" brings FS 0.99 to Joomla!

On this site, we're using a bridged version of Flyspray (currently version 0.99) as our Task Management system, where bugs can be reported, feature requests can be added and the roadmap can be viewed. I was asked many times in the past, if I couldn't release this Flyspray bridge component to the community (the only available Flyspray component was "Flyspray ME" with FS 0.97 from the year 2005).

Well, now it is released: FlySpray JE (Joomla Edition) by Krishan is there as a beta version! It brings allows to use Flyspray 0.99 from Joomla! - it is a "bridge component".

FS JE Homepage

FS JE on extensions.joomla.org