As you all know, mambo-phpShop is a free open source project and enables Mambo for eCommerce. The software is free, but the project also accepts donations, so we can keep up the good work on the project. I always wanted to thank all donators (who are not many!), who have shown their appreciation with a donation. This really helped! Anyway the number of donations compared to the number of downloads is really disappointing...

For all users who want to donate, but don't want to / can't use the PayPal Payment Gateway, I have set up a small Wish List at, so you can buy some items for me and support the project that way. You can click on the - my wishlist image on the left, just below "Make a Donation".



#1 torkilj 2005-04-14 12:52
Sorry to hear about the low number of donations because I firmly believe that this is one of the best free mambo components out there.

I am going to try to convincing my boss that our firm needs to donate some cash to you so that you can continue developping :-)

Couple of questions:
- Have you considered adding more programmers to the dev team to destribute the workload a bit?
- How big of a contribution would be needed to push the volume discount feature to the top of your to-do list? :D

// Torkil
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