Yesterday I have updated the Demo Site for mambo-phpShop. The template you can see there has been designed by It's very nice and comes with a Flash Header and a JSCookMenu. The menu has been modified to show all Product Categories from your Shop.

The template will be the default template for the next release of the Mambo eCommerce Edition (which will be released shortly after mambo-phpShop 1.2 stable has been released). Just have a look over there, place an order and explore the features of the recent CVS Snapshot version.


#3 joshuayang 2005-05-24 00:52
But i wonder when the new release will be published?
and How can I get the CVS Version(Current demo) package?
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#2 Velish 2005-05-13 21:45
i like it!
this has some new additions i will be using as soon as it is available! :-)
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#1 oliver 2005-05-09 11:17
That demosite looks rather messy. What's up with that horrible (IMHO) products scroll-animatio n on the right? The old SolarFlare II worked so much better...
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