Mambo Compatibility

Since the last days I'm busy preparing the new release, which will be out these days. Today I have checked the compatibility of mambo-phpShop with the latest Mambo CVS version (4.5.3) and the versions Mambo 4.5 1.0.9, 4.5.1 and 4.5.2. The latest version of Mambo introduced some important changes in the database structure, which affected the User Manager. These issues have been resolved now.

The next release of mambo-phpShop, "1.2 stable", will be available as an "Update & Manual Installation Package" (which can be easily installed using FTP) and as the usual "Complete Package", which let's you use the Mambo Component Installer. The Install Script checks for existing mambo-phpShop Tables and chooses the right way of installation: Update or a fresh Installation.

The next release will be out before the Mamboday, so probably tomorrow...