mambo-phpShop 1.2 stable released!

After 4 months of hard work I'm proud to announce the release of mambo-phpShop 1.2 "stable". You'll find a lot of new features in this version of mambo-phpShop.

Thanks to all of you who supported me by writing Extensions and "Hacks" that really improve mambo-phpShop, reporting or fixing bugs and doing all their Best to help other Users on the Forum.

This release is available as

  • the usual Complete Package and
  • a Package for Updating or the Manual Installation

Installing mambo-phpShop manually (without the Mambo Installer) is now far more easy since you don't have to unpack 3 Archives now, but only one. You also don't need to add a Component Entry into a Mambo Table anymore, but the Installation Script does it for you. 

Note: Reading the included README File is a must! It leads you though all Steps which are necessary.

The Links for use in the Remote Installer ("latestcomponent.php" & "latestmodule.php") have been updated too.

Here's a list of some new features:

  • Price Display automatically switches between "including Tax" and "excluding tax" (as per Shopper Group),
  • define Related Products
  • automatic Product Image Resizing
  • Category Images
  • dynamic Pathway, Page Title & Meta Description
  • enhanced Modules (Mambo Sideblocks)
  • revised and enhanced CSV-Upload with re-orderable Fields
  • JSCookMenu and JSCookTree added to the Main Module Display Styles
  • Support for Shared SSL
  • more Payment Gateways, fixed Gateways: eWay & 2Checkout
  • Use Caching to speed up Page Loads
  • Support for Product Types and Parameters
  • Compatibility with Mambelfish (let's you create a multi-language site)
  • Order History Support (+ send Messages to the customer from the Order Details Page)
  • Changed Itemid behaviour
  • Product List Length in the Frontend changeable
  • Support for Shipping Taxes

and many many many Bug Fixes...