After 4 months of hard work I'm proud to announce the release of mambo-phpShop 1.2 "stable". You'll find a lot of new features in this version of mambo-phpShop.

Thanks to all of you who supported me by writing Extensions and "Hacks" that really improve mambo-phpShop, reporting or fixing bugs and doing all their Best to help other Users on the Forum.

This release is available as

  • the usual Complete Package and
  • a Package for Updating or the Manual Installation

Installing mambo-phpShop manually (without the Mambo Installer) is now far more easy since you don't have to unpack 3 Archives now, but only one. You also don't need to add a Component Entry into a Mambo Table anymore, but the Installation Script does it for you. 

Note: Reading the included README File is a must! It leads you though all Steps which are necessary.

The Links for use in the Remote Installer ("latestcomponent.php" & "latestmodule.php") have been updated too.

Here's a list of some new features:

  • Price Display automatically switches between "including Tax" and "excluding tax" (as per Shopper Group),
  • define Related Products
  • automatic Product Image Resizing
  • Category Images
  • dynamic Pathway, Page Title & Meta Description
  • enhanced Modules (Mambo Sideblocks)
  • revised and enhanced CSV-Upload with re-orderable Fields
  • JSCookMenu and JSCookTree added to the Main Module Display Styles
  • Support for Shared SSL
  • more Payment Gateways, fixed Gateways: eWay & 2Checkout
  • Use Caching to speed up Page Loads
  • Support for Product Types and Parameters
  • Compatibility with Mambelfish (let's you create a multi-language site)
  • Order History Support (+ send Messages to the customer from the Order Details Page)
  • Changed Itemid behaviour
  • Product List Length in the Frontend changeable
  • Support for Shipping Taxes

and many many many Bug Fixes...



#11 Capt. Nemo 2005-06-09 14:24
We very much appreciate this update and all your hard work.

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#10 abfchgirlx 2005-05-30 22:07
I am greatly confused.

I've installed this twice now. It says I have to remove install.php manually. Which I do. And when I do, I log out, and log back in, but the new updates are not showing up.

What is going on? Does something have to be CHMOD? If so, I am not finding any directions to CHMOD anything.

Please point me in the correct direction.
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#9 mcb 2005-05-30 11:18
Well Done , but when you will release the Mambo eCommerce Edition, i´m really waiting for this one!
Can you give us a Date?????

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#8 ramone619 2005-05-30 03:56
That's good news, im about to download this new version, is the "usps" shipping module install on this new update? keep up the good work :-)
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#7 soeren 2005-05-29 10:27
this is the wrong place for posting fixes.

you seem to have yourself modified the order of the fields...the default ordering has not been changed.
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#6 littlema 2005-05-29 10:19
Not really a bug. ps_csv.php won't accept your old files unless you specify the old ordering. Anyways, for those of you who can not seem to use the older csv files, here's a quick fix.

Soeren, it would be awesome if this gets included in the next update to maintain compatibility ( *.sql) .

DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `mos_pshop_csv`;
CREATE TABLE `mos_pshop_csv` (
`field_id` int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment,
`field_name` VARCHAR(128) NOT NULL,
`field_default_ value` text,
`field_ordering ` int(3) NOT NULL,
`field_required ` char(1) default 'N',
PRIMARY KEY (`field_id`)
INSERT INTO `mos_pshop_csv` VALUES
('', 'product_sku', '', 1, 'Y' ), ('', 'product_s_desc ', '', 2, 'N' ), ('', 'product_desc', '', 3, 'N' ),
('', 'product_thumb_ image', '', 4, 'N' ), ('', 'product_full_i mage', '', 5, 'N' ), ('', 'product_weight ', '', 6, 'N' ),
('', 'product_weight _uom', 'Pounds', 7, 'N' ), ('', 'product_length ', '', 8, 'N' ), ('', 'product_width' , '', 9, 'N' ),
('', 'product_height ', '', 10, 'N' ), ('', 'product_lwh_uo m', '', 11, 'N' ), ('', 'product_in_sto ck', '0', 12, 'N' ),
('', 'product_availa ble_date', '', 13, 'N' ), ('', 'product_discou nt_id', '', 15, 'N' ), ('', 'product_specia l', '', 14, 'N' ),('', 'product_name', '', 16, 'Y' ),
('', 'product_price' , '', 17, 'N' ), ('', 'category_path' , '', 18, 'Y' ), ('', 'manufacturer_i d', '', 19, 'N' ),
('', 'product_tax_id ', '', 20, 'N' ), ('', 'product_sales' , '', 21, 'N' ), ('', 'product_parent _id', '0', 22, 'N' ),
('', 'attribute', '', 23, 'N' ), ('', 'custom_attribu te', '', 24, 'N' );
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#5 laga 2005-05-29 08:22
excuse my english. I posted my experience in and also in the forum for the projet an mamboforge.

2 brand new installation does not work with the new shop. i think the problem is in the checkout part.

best regard and please excuse my english
lucian aga
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#4 humaneasy 2005-05-28 21:32
Can't say more.

Your product will be one of the ones I intend to promote to my costumers. 5% will go to the project.

Best, Lopo
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#3 berry 2005-05-28 02:17
:D :D

But on ProductScroller instalation scroller I always run into this problem - "ERROR: Could not find an XML setup file in the package."
Is this a bug or just with my package?
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#2 xtencilate 2005-05-27 20:06
You do some awesome work man! Thank you!
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