VirtueMart Developer Central launched! The VirtueMart Team is very proud to announce the Launch of the new Portal "VirtueMart Development Central"

This will be the place where users can help develop VirtueMart, report Bugs and Feature Requests, start their own Projects and much more. Your own Project? Yes, you've read correctly: the Developer Platform is meant for Open Source Projects who work together with or enhance VirtueMart (like Payment & Shipping Modules, Frontend Modules etc.) - Extensions for VirtueMart. Every Project receives free Space for Documents, Trackers, Forums, Wiki, SVN/CVS.

CodeBeamer Logo The Portal is powered by a Free Open Source Community License of CodeBeamer. Thanks to Intland GmbH the VirtueMart Community now can make use of the full Power of an Enterprise-Level Collaboration Suite. 

The Tasks from the Flyspray Bugtracker have been transferred to the new Trackers keeping their attachments, comments and IDs.

The SVN Repository will move to the new Location tomorrow (Nov. 21st 2007). How to access SVN then can be read in the new Wiki.

Please head over to and see yourself.

As you can read on the CodeBeamer Features Page, this is indeed a powerful Tool. More powerful than the GForge Advanced Server, because it allows to set up a Release Management for easy and quick creation and deployment of new VirtueMart Releases.

There's a free Eclipse Plugin for managing tasks on a CodeBeamer Site.

Another plus for CodeBeamer was the absolutely easy installation (in opposite to the installation of GForge, which turned out to be not working on our Linux 64bit Box).

You could ask "why didn't you use the features on". There are several reasons why we started looking for our own Developer Portal:

  • JoomlaCode recently regularly crashed (the problem has been fixed by now),
  • on JoomlaCode there's a mix of VirtueMart-related and other Joomla! Projects, which makes it difficult for a beginner to find interesting Projects around VirtueMart,
  • JoomlaCode is meant for Joomla!-related Projects, but the VirtueMart Project wants to stay independent from the Joomla! Project (we still keep compatibility to Mambo and maybe someday thee will be a stand-alone version of VirtueMart???)

That's why we focussed on creating our own "VirtueMart Developer Central" Portal.


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