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  • Email Marketing Automation

    Email Marketing Automation


    All features listed here are performed directly in your Joomla! Administration.

    Email marketing? SMS Campaigns? Relationship marketing? With this module and E-goi you have the solution!
    You need an account in order to use this extension.

    If you don't have an E-Goi account please create one:


    • 2 way synchronization for users
    • Sync subscription automatically when the customer registers
    • Easy to move contacts that you already have on Joomla!
    • Sign up option to add to your native costumer form
    • Single opt-in option
    • List display in backend *create,edit and delete functionality for users - directly in the Joomla! backend
  • JL No Doubles

    JL No Doubles - this plugin is designed to reduce duplicate pages on the site , it makes a redirect to the same site pages to the correct page.

    It is not all pages that can generate Joomla, and all they can get into the search engine index . It's actually not very nice when you go to Google webmaster and see the place on your site 100 pages in 1000 , and even more. Because of this, your site can rank poorly and generally experience a lot of difficulties .

    Attention! The plugin does not work with any third-party components SEF! SEF Joomla must be enabled.

    Extensions support:

    • com_content
    • K2
    • ZOO
    • Virtuemart

    To enable support for extensions for k2, virtuemart, zoo requires a license key.

  • image animation nice square

    We create responsive extension image animation nice square for website , it easy to install the module using the Joomla Installer in the administration, and then that you've published the module into the position you desire with supose using joomla web

  • eXtro-media Gallery

    eXtro-media Gallery

    The eXtro-media Gallery is the component version of our very popular gallery module - but it has some advantages over the module due to the fact that some tasks can be more easily performed in a component.

    Installation is done via the default Joomla installer (Extensions -> Extension Manager -> Install). Afterwards, access the component via Components -> eXtro-media Gallery Manager.

    The gallery creation process is even easier than in the module version - just click the 'New' button to create a new gallery.
    Enter a name for your gallery, select the directory where your images are stored, and save - thats it!

    The gallery component automatically creates thumbnails from your images - this makes the gallery creation process even faster.

    Though the gallery component is so easy to use, it still has a lot of advanced features - just take a look at the other tabs in the gallery editing view which contain more than 30 advanced options .

    In the frontend, you can display the gallery in several versions:

    • all galleries from all categories
    • all galleries from one category
    • one single gallery as component view
    • one single gallery via the plugin, e.g. within a Joomla article

    Once displayed, you can click the small thumbnail images for a lightbox view of the full gallery image

    To make adding a gallery to a Joomla article even easier, we've created a editor plugin - below each editor field, e.g. when editing a Joomla article, you will see a new button labelled 'Insert gallery'.
    Click this button to get a list of the galleries you created, click one of them to insert the plugin tag into your article.
    This tag will be replaced in the frontend with the gallery you selected - this is definitely the easiest way to add a gallery to your article!

    There are many more features - please have also a look at the users manual.

    Please note:
    Effective immediately, we've changed our subscription model. The new subscription model contains a 12 month (1 year) download period for the product, support is optionally bookable. Delivering high quality support (which we believe we do) is the most costly part of our business. We believe that by making support optional, there is a win-win situation with lower prices for customers.

  • HASTWARE site visits statistics

    This is an alpha version of an extension that collects statistics about your website visits. All information is stored on your site. Works fast and does not require any external tools.

    Currently available features

    • Collect each visit data: referer, request uri, IP, component, active user, backend or frontend, user agent.
    • Detect bots

    Planned features

    • Location detection by IP.
    • Filter bots/non-bots.
    • Filter by IP, country, browser, etc.
    • Overall statistics (daily, monthly, yearly).
    • Module to display statistics in frontend.
    • Per-article statistics.
    • Distinguish visits and visitors.