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  • Polar Votes for Joomla

    Engage the users and increase your traffic and shares by our “Polar Votes for Joomla!” component. It’s an easy to use integration between the famous Polar votes ( and Joomla, the best CMS at the market.

    Benefits from using Polar votes in your site

    Simple and Powerful – easy to create, easy to use polls that gives you powerful way to increase engagement and audiences on your sites
    Fast and Beautiful – they are instantly fast to load, elegant and stylish
    Responsive and Mobile ready – Polar votes are ready to fit to your site, no matter where you load it – desktop, mobile or tablet
    Easy to share – extremely easy to share after your vote - just with one click
    Working perfectly with Joomla, K2 or as standalone component

    Key features of Polar votes component

    Joomla articles integration – just select two Joomla articles and combine them in poll. Which one is the best? The user will decide!
    K2 items integration – the component allows you to create poll by selecting two items from our favorite component – K2. Just with few clicks you will be able to ask your visitors to choose the best car, phone or everything else.
    Create polls on the go – the third way to create polls is by uploading 2 images and adding question. Then the easiest thing to do is to show the poll in a module in the column at the front page or to load it inside the text of the article by on click from the button “Add poll”
    ** Module is included so you can load polls on your module positions** – you are limited only by your imagination (or template ;) ) under the item, above the item, left or right column. Just select a position, menu and how many polls you want to display. That’s all!
    Plugin is included so you can load your Polar polls everywhere you want. This will allow you to load the polls in every other component or a module. Just click the button “Add poll” from the editor or write the short code and you are ready to engage the users!
    ** Editor button **– just click to add a poll in your articles without exiting the edit form. Simple as that!

    This component is for you if you want:

    To achieve more shares for your articles
    To keep the users on your site for longer period
    To have attractive and intriguing articles
    To make a difference - make your site awesome
    To understand your users desires
    To grow audiences and community
    To add some fun to your site

  • MEPRO Human Resource

    MEPRO Human Resource is a Joomla! package, that runs on your site to help you manage your company staff.

    Our goal was to create a package that would be a tool in the hands of company managers and administrators to manage their staff on-line and easily. Our Experienced staff in the area of Human Resource and Information Technology have developed a system that hits the target. Accruals, Absence, Rosters, Attendance are the starting basic modules of the system.

  • HASTWARE Gallery

    Simple photo gallery for your website.Add/remove images right from your frontend, organize them in albums, add captions. You don't need to scale/rotate images from your camera - just upload them, and the component will scale them down to proper resolution and rotate according to EXIF.

    - Publish photos in frontend
    - Automatic scaling - if your photos are too large, they will be scaled down to proper resolution, images are saved in 3 sizes: thumbnail, normal for page view and large for fullscreen;
    - EXIF rotation - if your image contains EXIF information, it will be automatically rotated to show properly;
    - Fullscreen view - clicking on the slideshow will open it fullscreen showing high-resolution images.
    - Organize photos in ablums - each album with caption and description
    - Add image captions

    - php 5.4+
    - Joomla 3.4+
    - php-exif library for automatic rotation. The extension will work without the library, but images will not be rotated.

  • Our Working Hours

    Our Working Hours is a Component which let you display your Working Hour Information to the clients. This is a Simple yet effective component to display detailed information in short and quick manners.

    Following are the features of the Component.

    1. Unlimited Office Hour Creation for different office locations.
    2. You can use it easily with Menu or Links
    3. Display an Image with your Contact
    4. Display Contact Information
    5. Display Office Address
    6. Display Office Type / Name
    7. Use template Default table structure to match with website design.
    8. Automatically Fit in your Component Area and Give a professional and Clean look.

    *Note It's completely** FREE and Open Source Component**. You may feel free to join the development. Free support is limited to current functionality only

  • Dictionary

    Most of the time, glossaries available for Joomla! have the same common and boring display. You should say "nice but déjà vu". So, I've decided to create something different with an original display. Each word should be immediately identifiable and the definitions are "hidden" with some CSS3 (I've been inspired by the Wikipedia's display).
    For creating "Dictionary" Joomla! component, I've worked on implementation that would meet four criteria:
    - Should be Responsive Design,
    - Import and export the content,
    - Should combine simplicity on backend and powerful on frontend,
    - About coding, light is right.

    A complete documentation is also provided for free here:

    Dictionary is fully Responsive Design, it means that your content will be also perfectly displayed on tablets and mobiles phones.

    Dictionary is provided with these language files:
    - en-GB
    - fr-FR
    - it-IT
    - nl-NL
    - mk-MK
    - nl-BE
    - de-DE
    - ar-AA
    - pt-BR
    - el-GR
    Thanks a lot to the translators : #JoomlaRocks!

    I've decided to provide Dictionary free of charge. For all and for ever. What are you waiting for to test it?