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  • JPlugger

    What is JPlugger? JPlugger is a component and a Plugin for Joomla!
    What can you do with JPlugger, or for what can be used?**

    JPlugger is a component and plugin and is free for use. JPlugger uses the GPLv3.

    You can write your own tags in JPlugger. The second way is using "ready to use tags", which are delivered by JPlugger or third party publisher.

    JPlugger makes it easier to write your own code, it's not necessary to write your own plugin or / and component. Just write the required code.

    What do you need?

    For writing code, you need knowledge about PHP and/or HTML / CSS / Java-Script if needed.

    For using JPlugger-Tags you only need to read the appropriate how-to manual on or a third party publisher.

    Publishing of your own code? It's possible, you need JPlugger-Publisher. Have a look at the download area.

    JPlugger is free, you need only a registration to download the component and plugin.

    *Now more as 40 Tags online"

  • Landing Page Register

    Landing page register is a ready made landing page component you install and simply edit the existing text and upload your own images, it is pre-laid out for you, requires no HTML/CSS skills, made on bootstrap, mobile friendly and has built-in Joomla! registration.

    *Ready-made landing page
    *Super simple set up, pre-laid out for you
    *Requires no HTML/CSS skills
    *Simply upload 4 images
    *Edit Existing text
    *Built-in Joomla! registration with activation email
    *Google analytics
    *Social buttons
    *Built on bootstrap
    *Mobile friendly
    *All demo content included

    Download demo images and text here:

  • txtMaterialStyles

    txtMaterialStyles is a content plugin for Joomla! which allows you to add nice looking material style elements to your pages using a simple syntax.

  • txtTimeline

    txtTimeline is a simple content plugin for Joomla which allows you to create themed responsive timelines in your content articles. The plugin uses a simple syntax and allows you to set the title and time for each item in the timeline. There are also a few different styles to choose from.
    Key features
    - Easy to use syntax
    - Multiple styles
    - Ability to add imagges/html within timeline item descriptions
    - Responsive

  • UIkit Modules

    UIkit Modules is set of joomla 3 modules based on uikit framework. Best off uikit components turned into easy to use joomla modules, to help you display custom content, joomla articles, k2 items, VirtueMart products... in a nice dynamic way.

    - Grid Stack – two column layout with text and media
    - Slideshow – responsive image slideshows
    - Slideset – image sets that you can loop through
    - Switcher – tabs & switchers
    - Accordion – expanded and collapsed lists
    - Slider – items you can scroll with the mouse, touch gestures or a regular navigation
    - Gallery – images display in a grid with filter navigation (loads images from specified folders)
    - Article Grid – Display your joomla articles in a dynamic grid with filter navigation.

    - 8 modules
    - Fully responsive
    - Display custom content and joomla articles
    - K2 Support
    - VirtueMartSupport
    - CSS3 Animations
    - Individual module display options and settings
    - Very easy to use

    ###Change Log:
    - Added K2 Support
    - Added VirtueMart Support
    - Added option to open custom content link in new a tab
    - Now checking if item is published (not displaying unpublished items)
    - Minor admin ui chnages