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  • NorrCompetition

    NorrCompetition – Joomla extension for photo and video contests organisation with rating and results display. Do you have a model agency, city portal, community or thematic website? NorrCompetition can be widely used on the various types of websites drastically increasing its socialisation.

    The main features are:
    - Support for top video providers: Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Vine and Rutube
    - Setup of time period for competition/voting
    - Setup of vote frequency
    - Basic custom fields for competition applications
    - Ability to submit several applications by single user
    - Managing applications on user’s side
    - Managing participants in the control panel
    - Comparison of current and changed application data
    - Notifications about new and changed applications
    - Ability to set folder for photos saving
    - Watermark support. Ability to set transparency and margins
    - Grand-prix status for participant
    - Different sorting options of participants
    - Results display of closed competition - the list of winners and participants
    - Unfair voting protection
    - Votes log
    - Different comment systems. Support for Disqus, Facebook, and JComments.
    - Support for standard CMS categories
    - English and Russian localisations
    - Detailed documentation on English and Russian
    - Responsive design in the default theme
    - Additional themes with support for Bootstrap 2 and UIkit frameworks
    - Open Graph support
    - Clean code that does not include any encrypted fragments
    - Easy setup for layouts

    Besides the component the following related modules and plugins are available:
    - Participants module
    - Competitions module
    - Results module
    - Search plugin
    - Sitemap plugin (MapX and OSMap)

  • SafariControl

    Optimize your Joomla! website for devices using Apple's Safari browser!
    Simply add touch icons, pinned tab icon and startup images with this plugin.

    Since Apple is continuously enlarging their product portfolio, it's really hard to take care of all screen resolutions and offer a matching touch icon or startup image. The implementation of required meta tags and the upload of images can be a pain.

    SafariControl is a powerful Joomla! system plugin that handles all that for you.
    It supports all available Safari browser optimizations to help you manage your website or web app in the best way and put it into the spotlight on devices using Safari.

    Main features:

    • Supports bookmark icons (aka touch icons), startup images and the pinned tab icon
    • Live preview of all icons and images directly in the backend
    • Automatic image resize to match device specifications
    • Automatic meta tag generator minimizes overhead for desktop browsers
    • Possibility to set different bookmark icons and startup images for any available screen size
    • Easy color definition of the pinned tab icon
    • Advanced feature set, like web app title, status bar appearance, format detection and more
    • Rich inline documentation by hovering the control labels

    Because time never stands still, the plugin will be equipped with new features as soon as they are available by Apple. Stay up-to-date by using the Joomla! extension update manager.

    Please help us to improve functionality and features.
    Contact us for feature request or support!

  • Pay My Bill Romcard

    Pay My Bill Romcard is a Joomla module that enables you to take 3D Secure payments without any shop software like VirtueMart.

    Pay My Bill Romcard has Romcard 3D Secure payment method, Romcard is the leading romanian payment gateway.

    You can sell products online, process invoices, sell documents, accept donations etc.

    -Fixed or Custom payment amount options. You can have a product with a fixed price or can allow users to enter the amount, in example they pay for an invoice.
    -Invoice field. Allow your customer to specify the invoice number they are paying for, the invoice number appearing in your payment gateway transaction.
    -Terms and Conditions option. Require your customers to accept the terms and conditions before paying.
    -Document attachments. Use the module to sell documents online, customers receive the document only upon successful payment, you may add as many documents as needed for a product.
    -License Key option. Auto generate license keys for your products, if you are selling documents and want to link them with license keys.
    -E-mail options. Send confirmation emails to administrator and/or buyer for Pending order (when the order is started), Cancelled (if the customer cancelled the order), Successful (when the customer confirmed the payment).
    -E-mail templates. Easily customize the emails for each order status.
    -Return pages. Easily customize the pages where customers arrive on your website after they pay on your payment gateway website.
    -Add extra fee on each payment method. In example knowing that Romcard has a fee for each transaction you can add this fee for this payment method.
    -Add extra procentual fee. In example you want to charge an extra 2% for a specific payment method or product.
    -Export all orders. All orders can be exported in CSV format for later office use.
    -Product description. Add product description before the payment button and on the pop-up form.
    -Change buttons colors. In example for payment button set the green template and for cancel button the red template.
    -Customize button texts. Easily change the text shown on the buttons, in example "Click here to pay", "Buy for only 19.99" etc.
    -Joomla language system ready. You can create your own language file easily.
    -One year free support and updates.

  • ANSEVE Contact Form


    • ANSEVE Contact Form is a module for Joomla 3.X
    • Optional: Use Joomlas ReCaptcha Plugin
    • Translatable (English, German translation included)
    • Change error message, success message, label text, placeholders in the backend
    • Show/Hide label
    • The user can obtain a copy of the email
    • It has a default, Bootstrap 2 or Bootstrap 3 Layout
    • Template override possible
    • User input validation with HTML5 and PHP


    • Download Zip
    • In your Joomla Backend go to Extensions - Manage
    • Upload Zip
    • Click the Upload and Install button
    • Configure the ANSEVE Contact Form module (In your Joomla Backend under Extensions - Modules)


    • Distributed under the GNU General Public License version 2 or later


    For Bugs create a new issue on github
    For other Questions use the contactform

  • JUN Rotator Slideshow

    JUN Rotator Slideshow is an extension for Joomla! that helps users create full responsive joomla slideshow module .
    There are lots of parameters and you can set them easily. This awesome module is responsive and seo optimized.
    It is totally compatible with Joomla 3.x, easy to install and a perfect solution for you to create your own slideshow on joomla.