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  • Checkout Lightbox with PagSeguro

    Do you have a site with Joomla and need to sell one or two products only, but are not ready for a virtual store right now?
    This extension was made for you!

    • Simple, fast and easy to use.
    • It has automatic integration with the PagSeguro payment gateway.
    • With Lightbox Checkout, the customer is not redirected to another page to make the payment.
    • You can create multiple modules one for each product.
    • Languages in English and Portuguese of Brazil.
    • Shortcode to display on articles.

    You do not need an SSL certificate on your domain. But it is recommended.

    This software is free and is not associated with PagSeguro. PagSeguro is a registered trademark of UOL. This module is not affiliated with UOL and, therefore, is not an official product of PagSeguro.

    "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth on him should not perish, but have eternal life." John 3:16

  • Nomad Pro

    Nomad is not login redirection, it's homepage redirection!!! Joomla gives you a single homepage - Nomad Pro gives as many as you need! Global, per-group or per-user - as many as you need.

    An administrator can make global redirect setting, per-group settings, and/or individual user settings. The plugin checks first for a user setting, then a group setting, then a global setting - redirecting on the first value it finds. If no global value is found, the user is sent to the normal homepage. Users who aren't logged in are not affected by this plugin, they see the normal homepage.

    There are no limits to the number of assignments you can make!

  • Login with TREZOR

    A password-less login for Joomla immune to keyloggers or phishing.

    TREZOR is known as the most secure bitcoin hardware wallet.
    "Login with TREZOR" is a Joomla plugin that provides secure user authentication via a password-less login, using the TREZOR device. "Login with TREZOR" enables you to login securely with a click of a button.

    The TREZOR device holds securely secret keys and uses them to sign messages without actually ever exposing these secrets. Thus when using "Login with TREZOR", no user password is needed and no reusable secret can be ever captured by keylogger or other malware.

    Please note that in order to use this plugin you must first purchase a TREZOR device at

  • Expires Headers Pro

    YSlow and Pagespeed look at Expires Headers when evaluating your site. This plugin allows an administrator to set global Expires, Cache-Control and Pragma headers, as well as individual settings (inclusive or exclusive) for particular menu items.

    Speed up your site by following the rules! Set short time-spans for pages that change frequently, and longer time-spans for pages that don't.

    Note: Expires Headers cannot alter the expires headers for content that was not processed through the Joomla framework. This includes CSS files, Images, Favicon files and others. These files can be addressed using htaccess rules. Visit the website link for more information and an example.

  • ConvertContacts

    ConvertContacts provides a simple Joomla extension, enabling, you to capture leads, understand your sources of leads, and provides tools to help you respond to and manage those leads. The ConvertContacts Joomla extension adds the tracking software on all the pages of your website.

    ConvertContacts is your secret weapon to help you finally know which of your marketing sources get you customers. Plus, it helps you turn more of your leads into customers with automated reminders and emails, giving you the edge on your competition.