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  • SINE Componente

    The component was developed to display job offers from website in an easy way.

    Sine website is a simple way to get a new job. You have to access the website, find a job opportunity you want and apply for it.
    You leave your resumé at the website and companies can hire you. is free and simple to use and get a new job.

    After installation, you can make available in your websites the thousands of job offers and opportunities of SINE.
    For the proper functioning you have two steps:

    First: choose the function.
    Next choose the city. Simple and easy.

    You can set the position within your site and the plugin is configured and ready for use.

  • Magic Point KenBurns

    Magic Point KenBurns is a cool image slideshow with a great pan & zoom feature, provides a powerful alternative for header position or that allows you to present your products in a truly awesome style!
    Easy to use and configure this product is accessible to anyone who wants an original and beautiful way to display his work.


    Awesome ken burns effect;
    Highly customizable design;
    Elegant fading transitions;
    You can set up the time of the transition;
    You can set starting and ending point of the transition;
    You can setup the zoom;
    You can adjust the font size for title and/or description;
    You can change the color and transparency for text background;
    You can change the color of the buttons;
    You can add a link for each image and set the target (New or Same Window);
    And....much more.
  • db8 404 Errors

    This Administrator Module displays a list of 404 Errors in the back-end Control Panel, so the errors are clearly visible for Webmasters right after login.

    The Module retrieves the lists of 404 Errors from the Redirect Manager. With the Module webmasters become better aware about incoming traffic to non-existing pages so that they can redirect those to working pages.

    The Module has a couple of configuration options: number, order, order direction of the 404 errors, and the Redirect Status: All, Disabled, Enabled, Archived, and Trashed.

    The default is to show a list of 5 Errors, Disabled (= 404 errors that have not yet been redirected), ordered by number of hits, starting with the most hits.

    With this default setting a webmaster will notice the non-existing page with most traffic best. Creating redirection for those will probably solve most future 404 errors.

    Note: In order to display 404 Errors, Joomla's Redirect Plugin should be enabled.


    • Extensions > Extension Manager > [Install]
    • Extensions > Module Manager > Filter [Administrator] > [New]
    • Configure Module: under [Module] assign to Position "cpanel" & under [Advanced] set Bootstrap Size to 6.

    Language files included:

    • de-DE (German)
    • en-GB (UK English)
    • es-ES (Spanish)
    • fr-FR (French)
    • nl-NL (Dutch)

    Change log:

    • Version 1.1 [28 January 2015]
      Corrected language packs & added 3 new languages (French, German, Spanish)

    • Version 1.0 [28 January 2015]
      First release.

  • The Client Relations Factory

    This plug in allows you to provide a new and automatic service attention on your web site that turns visits into customers. A virtual robot can humanize the technology in order to empathize and to build trust with customers.


    Not only can the knowledge of the character, its appearance be modified depending on what you like. That is possible because this plugin let you have your own Virtual Robot from TCRF fully integrated within Joomla.

    Get to know what your customers want from you

    Using TCRF tool you can access to all the conversations between the virtual robot and your visitors. Using this information you can update the knowledge that the virtual robot has.

    Made by FIONA

    The FIONA platform for creating virtual robots, is since last December 1st, one of the twenty available on the Federation for Research and Experimentation in the Future Internet (Fed4FIRE).

    Popular Browsers Support

    IE - IE8+ Firefox - All versions Chrome - All versions


  • AP Smart LayerSlider

    AP Smart LayerSlider is a premium, fully responsive and touch-enabled Joomla module that allows you to create professional, multi-purpose sliders with smooth hardware accelerated transitions. This slider was built with user experience in mind, providing a clean and intuitive user interface in the admin area and a smooth navigation experience for the end-users.

    AP Smart LayerSlider supports keyboard and touch navigation with swipe gesture. It’s a fully responsive and device friendly slider which works perfect in all major devices. AP Smart LayerSlider is layer slider as well, with the ability of adding any HTML contents (texts, DIVs, headings, images, videos, etc.) in layers, where your creativity is unleashed.

    Highlight features:

    • Fully Responsive. AP Smart LayerSlider is responsive by default. Not only the images will scale down, but the animated layers (where you can add any content) will be scaled down automatically as well.
    • Touch-swipe. The slider's touch-swipe capabilities provides a native-like navigation experience on touch-screen devices. Swipe gestures are enabled for desktop devices as well.
    • CSS3 Transitions. Fast, accelerated CSS3 animations. All animations in the slider are powered by CSS3 transitions, ensuring the smoothest animations that are possible at the moment.
    • Animated Layers. Layers can be both animated and static and they can hold any HTML content. Also, layers can be scaled down automatically or with CSS.
    • Fade Effect. In addition to swipe/slide transitions, AP Smart LayerSlider features a simple and elegant cross-fade transition between slides.
    • Carousel Layout. The slider can show multiple slides in a carousel layout, by allowing you to set different sizes for the individual slide and for the whole slider.
    • Chosen Image Folder. Use images from specific folder in admin, re-order and customize easily (custom title, desription, link).
    • CSS-only controls. All the navigation controls (i.e., arrows, bullets) are CSS-only, webfont scalable vector icons.
    • Smart Video Support. Videos inside the slider will be controlled automatically. For example, when a video starts playing, the autoplay stops, or, when another slide is selected, the video stops.
    • Thumbnails. Thumbnails can contain text, images or both. Also, they can be positioned at top, bottom, left or right of the slides.
    • Lazy Loading. Enables the loading of images only when they are in a visible area, thus saving bandwidth and speeding up the initial page load.
    • Infinite Scrolling (Loop). By default, the slides will be arranged in a loop, allowing infinite scrolling. This can also be disabled, however.
    • Full Width and Full Window. The slider's size can be forced to fill the width or the window even when it's inside a container that would normally restrict it to expand.
    • Auto Height. The height of the slider can be set to adjust automatically to the full height of the currently selected slide.
    • Customizable Orientation. Both the orientation of the slides and the orientation of the thumbnails can be set to horizontal or vertical.
    • Keyboard Navigation. Slides can be navigated by using the keyboard arrow keys. Also, if a slide contains a link it can be activated by using the Enter key.
    • Rendering images via php resize (custom width/height.)
    • Full-screen Support. The slider can be viewed in full-screen mode in all browsers that support the HTML5 Full Screen.
    • Autoplay (autostrart) with custom time interval.
    • Cross-Browser support. Works great in all the modern browsers.
    • 5 Custom Styles included.
    • Dynamic Images. Loads images from specific folder.
    • HTML5 Uploader. You can upload multiple images into specific folder, using drag-and-drop HTML5 uploader.
    • Dynamic Content. Load content from your articles (i.e., article's image, title, descriptions, etc.).
    • Detailed Documentation included
    • And much more...