A few site improvements...and a Wiki!

This week I have updated this site to Joomla! 1.0.8 - the latest available version. The forum and the bugtracker login work great so far, but please note that you need to login at the bugtracker when you first access it (although you're maybe logged in at the forum).

The bugtracker has been updated to the latest FlySpray SVN version. There have been a lot of changes as they are preparing the release of FlySpray version 0.99.

The tool for the management of the official VirtueMart documentation is DocBook:Collab now. You can download the "User Manual" and the "Developer Manual" as PDF, single HTML file, multiple HTML files and docbook XML source now. Just check it out. I will release another alpha version of DocBook:Collab next week. The toolbar is still not working correctly, so comfortable WYSIWYG XML editing is currently not possible.

The long-awaited Wiki is ready to be filled with information. I've integrated JD-WIKI, which is the Joomla integration of the DokuWiki. We need a wiki manager & helpers! Everyone is invited to help us fill the Wiki with useful information. Everyone who is interested in managing the Wiki or just in helping: please contact me!

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