• VirtueMart at the Joomladay France 2014,
  • Release of VirtueMart 2.6.0a
  • VirtueMart for Joomla 3

VirtueMart at the Joomladay France 2014

JoomlaDay à Paris le 23 et 24 mai 2014The eigth edition of JoomlaDay France, after a few years spent in province, will take place in Paris, the 23/24 of May 2014: 2 days with conferences and workshops.

Like every year, VirtueMart will be there for a conference and a workshop.

VirtueMart, the ecommerce reference for Joomla, has experiencing a growing success : the 30k downloads mark was exceeded in 15 days for the latest release, and the version 3.0 will soon take off.

Some figures about VirtueMart:

  • A reliable ecommerce solution for over 10 years alongside Joomla
  • More than 250 000 sites in the world,
  • Among the top 5 e-Commerce solutions Open Source
  • More than 600 extensions (component, third party plugins )
  • Translated into more than 30 languages ​​,
  • An active international community .

Discover, at this conference, the new VirtueMart version :

  • Compatible Joomla 3.x
  • Faster
  • Even more secure
  • Improved custom fields
  • Settings optimized
  • Etc. ..... 

The workshop will be presented by the virtuemart.fr team. The goal is to provide practical advice to

  • Create complex products
  • Configure / create calculation rules
  • Overriding template
  • Creating a multilingual site

Then we will listen to you and answer your questions.

Come and participate in one of the major events of this new edition of French JoomlaDay 2014!

New Release Version 2.6.0a

Download now Version 2.6.0a


List of fixes:

  • Fix by Luiz Weber to prevent checkout of meanwhile sold out products
  • Preventing submitting twice an order
  • Added some missing language keys, removed obsolete ones (COM_VIRTUEMART_LOGINAME)
  • fixed updating orders with empty entries http://forum.virtuemart.net/index.php?topic=123694.0
  • Search had problems for some products
  • Bug Fix for Vat calculation with different VatTax rules
  • fallback if glob is not supported
  • added switch prodOnlyWLang; You can switch with it between the old and new method to load products only with language or also without
  • added parameter to setCartPrices of vmspsplugin to give plugins the possibility to switch between linear or progressive fee calculation
  • added self::$langCount to config.php so we can use the vmtable of vm3 in vm2
  • added vmtable of vm3, slightly modified, take care of isSuperVendor
  • there was a small error preventing to create more then 10 children using the "same" slug
  • little fix for facebox
  • Paypal, IPN IPs checking in notification
  • Checking amount in Paypal standard (option cart) for IPN validation
  • added abs to the discount of avatax
  • Fix KlarnaCheckout
  • Klarna : birthday fix for Germany/Netherlands
  • Sample data: Yen has no decimal
  • admin VM module: fixed the mutliple submenus
  • moved the input fields of the form of the add to cart button back outside the else, so it is now always there (some js relies on it)
  • enhanced sample data
  • SystemCache was accidently activated in the fullinstaller
  • removed false positive error
  • added loading of language if misssing (for example to the installation finished screen).



For the people waiting on VirtueMart for Joomla 3 

VirtueMart 3 is almost ready. The situation is maybe similar to vm2.5.3. The more testers and reports the faster we can release. Please download Virtuemart 2.9 (the beta for VM3) here http://dev.virtuemart.net/projects/virtuemart/files. Search for the latest vm2.9.x, join us in the forum, tell us your experience with it http://forum.virtuemart.net/index.php?board=136.0.


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