VirtueMart 3.0.6 with completely redesigned 'Multi Variants'

Written by Max Milbers on .

In VirtueMart 3.0.6 we fine tuned the completely redesigned Multi Variants which were introduced in our previous release. Let me give you a short introduction.

One of the most advanced feature of an ecommerce store is the possibility to display different variants of one product in a clear structure. The typical example are the T-Shirt product variants. We have created a small example here:

Not all colours are available for any size and due to aesthetic reasons the "blue" imprints are not available for the "blue" coloured T-Shirt. Any drop-down combination points to a real product. The handling is easy as most important product attributes are accessible from the parent product (variant attributes, Sku, price). So you can easily configure more than 50 product variants in a single view, with different stock levels, price and images. If you select an already existing attribute like length, weight, etc, then you can change the value directly using the drop-down matrix in the parent product. You can also modify the display (for example rounding).

Variant Matrix

We added a new configurable automatically selected shipment and payment if more than one is available. Also the long desired feature "register as admin in the frontend" got added. We also cleaned up the Custom Fields tab in the Product Edit view to give more room for Custom Field configurations. VirtueMart 3.0.6 is also a lot faster, due to new mysql keys and more caching. The administration menu is now still usable while being collapsed.

There is a new keepAlive script, which automatically extends the session for your shoppers if there is a product in the cart. It also automatically extends the session lifetime in all backend views. It is checking for input, so it is not running endlessly. As an example, if your session time is set to 30 minutes and your guest is checking out, leaving the computer (with open browser) and returning after 50 minutes, he is still logged in. If the user is now interacting with the screen (clicking, typing), then the keepAlive scripts directly fires a keepAlive and extends the session again. Lets assume the user stores his data after 70 minutes (searching for his/her credit card), the session is still alive.

We strongly recommend anyone using an older version of VM3 to update. The release is heavily tested and some changes and fixes were done especially for 3rd party developers.

There is also a small update for vm2.6 series. There are also new keys for the sql joins to speed up your store. Also the new js handler got added for easier compatibility between vm2.6 andd vm3 extensions.


#10 Strona Belprima 2016-10-26 20:39
I have got 600 variants - sizes (2-dimensional, width x height combinations) , so How to manage this amount of data for one product.? I dont want to create 600 child products at all..

//Answer by mod: it depends on your exact requirements if stockhandle is not relevant you should consider if a plugin as does the job for you. If stockhandle for each product variant is relevant, use multivariant. Moreover the details of your interface requirements usually decide if one or the other solution is applicable.

For more information please visit forum.virtuemar and extensions.virt!
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#9 Dr.Dan 2016-06-29 15:05
Multi Variants are great but I guess i hit the limit with a product that comes in 40 colors and 5 sizes... looks like the "custom field params" is limited as it is a archer 17000 and can therefore not hold the full amount of data. Is there any chance you will resize it to a larger field in future releases ? Keep up the good job !

//Answer from mod: Please submit a new ticket:
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#8 christiger2003 2016-05-05 10:49
multivariants sound great.. but after weeks of reading and trying i have not figured out how they work. any other lecture you can recommend?
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#7 mindmeltmax 2015-08-28 14:38
demo.virtuemart .net is not working properly. Whenever you click on a product in the backend you'll be redirected to the VM home with an error.



//Answer by mod: Thank you John, it is solved meanwhile.
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#6 crn 2015-06-26 16:01
I have been trying and trying and trying to create a product with multivariants and nothing is working. Is there any sort of instructional procedure anyone would be so kind to direct me to. I have looked at all the instructions and forum entries at the Virtuemart site and they are not doing it for me.

//Answer: Please have a look at demo.virtuemart .net, you can login and view how it works.
Another option is to install the sampledata and view the examples there.
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#5 ZoBabe 2015-04-18 03:59
Great improvement overall, but two major issues. Since selecting a child variant takes you to another page, your reviews disappear. Is there any way to keep the parent reviews when viewing child products?
Secondly, how to reorder the child products, so they display in the correct order? e.g... S, M, L rather than M, L, S, as you add and delete variants? Finally had that figure out on the old version, and now back to square one... :cry:
Have been trying to find answers to these in the forums, but no luck so far. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
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#4 Josef007 2015-04-02 12:44
Finaly!! Russia supports you, keep moving...
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#3 Maxis 2015-03-17 17:21
This is something I have been waiting for a looong time. Thanks!
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#2 Мелик 2015-03-07 15:02
After installing virtuemart 3
Fatal error: Using $this when not in object context in /home/wm34365/d omains/lepnina- html/administra tor/components/ com_virtuemart/ models/category .php on line 128

//Answer from mod: Thank you, should be fixed meanwhile.
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#1 Sergio Wong Chung 2015-02-22 20:12
This is great,
Only thing i'm missing is the possibility to change stock from the total view in the custom fields. You first have to go to the child product page and change there in another tab, is 2 clicks further if you have besides a webshop a physical shop.
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