Books VirtueMart 2.x - Der Grundkurs by Sasa Paporovic 1940 A video-tutorial for VirtueMart2.x (german language). Building E-commerce Sites with VirtueMart Cookbook 1850 In Building E-commerce Sites with VirtueMart Cookbook you will learn how to create a full-functioning and attractive eCommerce solution with VirtueMart. You will be shown how to install and configure VirtueMart, how to set-up and run your store day-to-day as well as configure and customize the look and feel of your store. With this book by your side, you will be able to overcome as problems setting up, administrating and customizing your eCommerce store! Das offizielle VirtueMart 2-Buch - Online-Shops aufbauen und betreiben mit Joomla! by Martin Blasczyk 1652 VirtueMart 2 - The Joomla shop! by Götz Nemeth 1653 ShowMe Guides VirtueMart 2 User Manual By Kerry Watson 1654