A worldwide leader in payment services, 2Checkout maximizes online sales conversions by giving global buyers localized payment options.

Trusted by over 50,000 merchants, 2Checkout supports transactions in 196 countries through 8 payment methods, 26 currencies, and 15 languages, forming one of the leading processors of online transactions in the world. The service is simple to implement, including a pre-integrated payment gateway, a merchant account, PCI compliance, international fraud prevention, and plug-ins for 100 of the most popular carts.

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Amazon payments

A fast, easy way to accept payments or shop online. Online transactions made simple and secure. Give your shoppers peace of mind with Pay with Amazon. Allow your shoppers to checkout from your site with their Amazon accounts. Pay with Amazon is the convenient, trusted way to pay. From the largest enterprises to newest startups, Pay with Amazon can help you grow customer relationships and build your business.

With Pay with Amazon your customers can checkout on your website with payment and shipping information already stored in their Amazon account. When you add Pay with Amazon, anyone who has an Amazon account is ready to buy on your site!

Sofort Payment Network

SOFORT Banking: The attractive payment method for you

Your customers simply pay in your online shop just as they are used to: by entering their familiar online banking login details and confirmation codes ensuring a maximum level of security. You will receive a real-time transaction confirmation immediately after the transfer has been listed.

SOFORT Banking is a direct payment system and works like an automated advanced payment (by bank transfer) within seconds.

When shopping online, your customer selects SOFORT Banking as a payment method. Then, your customer selects his/her country and enters the bank sort code into a securely encrypted payment wizard. Afterwards, the customer enters his/her online banking login details and confirms the credit transfer by entering a confirmation code.

Your benefit: You will receive a real-time transaction confirmation that a transfer has been listed.

Cost savings through low fees
Low storage costs thanks to short processing times

Convenient for your customers as they can use their online banking login details
No eWallet and thus no addition registration required
Automated and transparent processes
Your customer remains your customer – and remains on your website

Direct and binding payment
Immediate real-time transaction confirmation after the transfer has been listed
Faster than advanced payment (by bank transfer)
Fast cash flow, high liquidity

Double protection qualified by online banking login details and confirmation codes
High security thanks to a multi-level online banking authentication procedure and the unique use of the confirmation codes

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