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Component Type: VirtueMart Core. The affected files are part of the standard VirtueMart Distribution.

Affected Versions:
VirtueMart Version 1.1.7 and all versions below.

Vulnerability Type: SQL Injection.

Severity: HIGH.

Problem Description:
It's possible to manipulate or gain information from the database with a specially crafted URL without having to login.

Solution: apply a patch or replace one file in your VirtueMart installation. (when available: Update to VirtueMart 1.1.8).

Steps for the Update:

  1. Download the Update Package VM 1.1.7a.
  2. Go to your store and login to your Joomla! Backend (/administrator).
  3. Go to the VirtueMart Admin Panel => "Admin" => "Search for Updates".
  4. On that page click the tab "Upload a Patch". Now click "Browse" and select the patch file you just downloaded. Proceed with "Upload & Preview".
  5. On the following page you will find the details for this patch and if any errors occured. If everything's fine, just check the warning checkbox and click "Apply Patch now".
  6. Done - your VirtueMart Installation is patched now.

General advice:

Follow the recommendations from the Joomla! Administrator's Security Checklist and the Security & Performance FAQ for Joomla!. This way you get basic security for your Store.
Keep notice of the VirtueMart Security Bulletins.


In the last 4 months has improved greatly and is stable, there are many new and interesting extensions that enhance its functionality. Congratulations to the team.