Jacaranda Jewellery

Buy baltic amber and silver jewellery from poland. The amber jewellery is made in Gdansk, Poland. Buy native american jewellery, indian gemstone jewellery. Buy bracelets, pendants, necklaces and rings. The gemstone jewellery is set with quality gemstones., Buy Baltic amber from Gdansk, Poland, Native American jewellery and Indian gemstone jewellery. Buy rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings and brooches.
At Jacaranda Jewellery we buy jewellery from around the world. We sell Baltic amber jewellery; The amber jewellery is mostly made of sterling silver and has been made by quality manufacturers in Gdansk, Poland. Gdansk is world renowned for its amber jewellery production - the beautiful, artistic designs and quality of the jewellery is the best in the world. We have amber of various colours - butterscotch, green, cognac and honey or a selection of mixed amber jewellery, which is absolutely stunning!We also sell Native American jewellery made by the Navajo tribe. We have some wonderful sterling silver cuff bracelets made by native american artisans. The Navajo are famous for turquoise jewellery and we only import jewellery with high quality gemstones inset. We also sell quality, semi-precious gemstone jewellery from India, which has been chosen for the high quality gemstones and imaginative designs. The jewellery is new, mostly handmade, and of the highest quality. All our jewellery is sourced from quality manufacturers, so you can be sure of receiving a wonderful, timeless piece of jewellery

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