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  • Joocial Composer App

    Joocial Composer App is a brand new mobile App for Joomla! social management.

    This is a mobile application (not a Joomla extension), powered by open source technology: Apache Cordova/Phonegap, AngularJS and Ionic Framework.

    Joocial Composer App is a mobile app integrated with AutoTweet Joocial for social management. A Phonegap/Cordova application, based on Ionic (an advanced HTML5 hybrid mobile app framework), powered by AngularJS.

    • iOS and Android
    • Portrait
    • OAuth token based authorization
    • Local database, to persist information.

    In a nutshell, Joocial Composer App has the core features to create and publish posts from Joomla!

    • Control Panel and Stats: A control panel, to show general operation stats
    • Composer Editor: An advanced form to enter or edit social posts, with custom control types.
    • Requests list: A list of posts: to navigate and manage social posts
  • JLinker Facebook Video Tabs

    Free download on! Boost your SEO and audience, display Youtube, Vimeo or Dailymotion videos on Facebook, attract visitors with JLinker Facebook Video Tabs for Joomla.

    Display your videos on Facebook using Joomla!
    JLinker Facebook Video Tabs for Joomla allows you to quickly create and manage multiple Facebook Video Tabs filled up with Youtube, Vimeo or Dailymotion videos. The extension is simple, multi-language, offers 7 themes and 3 layouts for the presentation of Video content.

    Quick and easy Joomla Facebook page set up
    JLinker Facebook Video Tabs for Joomla comes with default parameters that will allow you to setup a Facebook Tab in a few seconds, without having to go into configuration details.

    Key Features
    - Multi-language Facebook Tabs
    - Multiple Facebook Pages
    - Display Youtube, Vimeo or Dailymotion videos
    - AJAX product search display on Facebook (no page reload)
    - Table, Grid and Slideshow layouts
    - Bootstrap enabled
    - 7 color themes
    - Mobile display
    - Statistics and Analytics from your Facebook App

    More than the fact that links coming from Facebook are good for your business, your visitors will be glad to be able to browse your whole content on Facebook. JLinker Facebook Video Tabs for Joomla is a simple Joomla component, installable and usable in the standard Joomla way.

  • KickJanolaw

    This plugin get legal documents provided by Janolaw AG (commercial service) like AGB, Imprint etc. for Webshops and Pages. Syntax: {janolaw terms} or with Language Syntax {janolaw terms gb}

  • Correios Brasil for Virtuemart

    Correios shipping method for VirtueMart Brasil

    This shipping method is specific for Brazillian customers.

    Support services:
    ★ (85480) Aerogram
    ★ (10014) Registered Letter
    ★ (10030) Simple Letter
    ★ (16012) Letter
    ★ (81019) E-SEDEX - with contract
    ★ (81027) E-SEDEX Priority - with contract
    ★ (81035) E-SEDEX Express - with contract
    ★ (81,868) E-SEDEX (Group 1) - with contract
    ★ (81833) E-SEDEX (Group 2) - with contract
    ★ (81850) E-SEDEX (Group 3) - with contract
    ★ (40045) SEDEX to Charge - without contract
    ★ (40126) SEDEX the Charge - with contract
    ★ (40215) SEDEX 10 - without contract
    ★ (40169) SEDEX 12 - without contract
    ★ (40290) SEDEX Hoje - without contract
    ★ (40096) SEDEX - with contract
    ★ (40436) SEDEX - with contract
    ★ (40444) SEDEX - with contract
    ★ (40568) SEDEX - with contract
    ★ (40606) SEDEX - with contract
    ★ (41106) PAC - without contract
    ★ (41068) PAC - with contract
    ★ (43010) REEMBOLSO POSTAL
    ★ (40010) SEDEX - without contract
    ★ (44105) MALOTE - without contract
    ★ (14010) MALA DIRETA- without contract
    ★ (20010) IMPRESSO - without contract

  • Responsive Testimonial Slider

    Display Testimonials in Your Site With Slider and Different Effects

    This component & Module allows you to create testimonials and display them in slider and multiple effects. Three custom themes are available. The User interface of the Themes are fully Customizable enough to match with your template style

    Latest Joomla 3.5 Supported


    ✔ Slider & Masonry Effects

    You can display the button in any position of the website.

    ✔ Custom Styles

    You can filter where(which page) you want to display the button

    ✔ Single & Multi-column Masonry

    the Masonry Theme allows you to display testimonials in Single and Multi-columns

    ✔ Custom Testimonial Creation

    Create testimonial using component and display using module.

    ✔ 3-Amazing Themes

    Three amazing Themes are available and fully customizable

    ✔ Style Match With Your Site

    Full control to style match to any Joomla template. You can customize the style also

    ✪ Changelog

    Version Date    Change
    1.0     12/04/2016  * Initial release

    ✪ Live Preview

    Professional Support

    ✪ Happiness Guaranteed: 30 Days Money Refund Policy