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  • DD Disable Bootstrap

    Joomla! system plugin for template developers to disable Bootstrap from the front end!

    Disable Bootstrap is a reliable and extendable Joomla! system plugin for template developers to disable Bootstrap from the front end!

    In the front end of Joomla! some extensions calling the function JHTML::_('behavior.tooltip'), which adds Bootstrap JavaScript to html head.
    To avaiod this manually by hard coding, your scripts could be broken because of an assigned "jQuery hasTooltip" function.
    Here DD Disable Bootstrap helps: This plugin unsets Bootstrap JavaScript files and also removes hasTooltip function from front end, to disable Bootstrap and also avoid errrors which can result from the Bootstrap JS removal.

    This plugin use the following snippet to remove:

    jQuery('.hasTooltip').tooltip({"html": true,"container": "body"});

    If you know what you're doing, you can change the following snipped
    at plugin settings if it differs from your version!

    {html: true,container: body}

    For more informations, visit our project homepage.
    HR IT-Solutions

    Note: It is not recommended to use together with Joomla! default templates like tpl_Protostar or any other template based on Bootstrap!

  • PayPal adaptive for VirtueMart

    PayPal Adaptive Payment is useful for marketplace, affiliate payments, ecommerce sites, supplier payments, partner splits.

    How does the PayPal Adaptive Payment works?
    There are 2 modes of payments:

    • parallel
    • chained with instant payment or delayed payment

    Parallel Payments
    A parallel payment is a payment from a sender that is split directly among receivers. Parallel payments are useful in cases when a buyer intends to make a single payment for items from multiple sellers.


    A single payment for multiple items from different merchants, such as a combination of items in your inventory and items that partners drop ship for you.
    purchases of items related to an event, such as a trip that requires airfare, car rental, and a hotel booking.
    Chained Payments
    A chained payment is a payment from a sender that is indirectly split among multiple receivers. The sender pays a receiver (the main vendor or primary receiver) which passes part of the payment to other receivers (secondary receivers). Chained payments are useful in cases when the primary receiver acts as an agent for other receivers. The sender deals only with the primary receiver and does not know about the secondary receivers, including how a payment is split among receivers.

    Delayed Chained Payments
    By default, payments to all receivers in a chained payment are immediate. However, you can choose to delay a payment to a secondary receiver. For example, as primary receiver, you may require secondary receivers to perform some action, such as shipping goods or waiting for expiration of a return period, before making payment. To complete the payment, you must explicitly execute a payment to secondary receivers after the sender pays you. The payment must occur within 90 days, after which you cannot complete the payment as part of the original chained payment.

    PayPal Fee Payments in Paypal adaptive
    You can specify who pays these fees. Fee payment configurations include:

    • The customer pays the PayPal Fee. 
    • Receiver Pays the Fee in a Parallel Payment
    • Each Receiver Pays the Fee in a Chained Payment
    • Primary Receiver Pays the Fee in a Chained Payment

    How are calculated the rates paid to the vendor?
    They are completely configurable by the site owner. They can be a flat rate or a percent and per vendor by the mean of the marge type calculation rule.

    PayPal Adaptive Payment is also compatible with VMvendors component.

  • EU-Cookies

    EU-Cookies for Joomla! 3
    Responsive EU Cookies Policy Modules

    Create and configure the cookie notification on your Joomla! 3 website quickly and easily.

    Better to be on the safe side and include an EU Cookie Banner as a module on your own Joomla 3 Website!

    But then also its own, designed according to their own ideas Banner, namely color, lyrically and also links and position concerning individually and for only 5.99 €.

    Features at a glance:
    - Banner text freely adjustable
    - Text color banners freely adjustable
    - font selected
    - Link text freely adjustable
    - Text color link text freely adjustable
    - URL link text freely adjustable
    - Target window link text freely adjustable
    - customizable text confirmation button free
    - Text Color Confirmation Button freely adjustable
    - Position (up / down) can be selected
    - Background color freely adaptable
    - Opacity (%) adaptable free

    Browser compatibility:
    - Microsoft Edge
    - Internet Explorer 9 and later
    - Mozilla Firefox
    - Google Chrome

    Optimized for Google Page Speed ​​Insights

  • HRA - Smart Forms

    HRA - Smart Forms is a plugin that allows a better User Experience (UX) over the admin back-end.

    This extension is provided as it is.
    This extension does not change any other extensions and/or Joomla! core functionality. It only operates on the client side.
    This extension does not create adicional security risks for its users.

  • Recent Logged Users

    Sometimes you want to force the other specific users log out but do not know how? With this module, you are not able to force register users logging out, but you also log out the other administrators from the back end.