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  • Easy Form Maker

    Easy Form Maker allows to create and manage multiple forms, you can customize the form and the mail contents flexibly with simple markup.
    The Easy Form maker is user friendly and allows to create simple and easy forms.
    The form supports Ajax form submission and CAPTCHA.

  • Conditional Content

    With Conditional Content you can restrict or grant access to parts of the content based on a wide selection of conditions (based on device, user groups, date ranges, languages and menu items to name a few).

    Creating conditions is a easy as placing {show} or {hide} around your special content.

    For example, to show a piece of text only to guests (not logged in visitors), you can do this:
    {show access="Guest"}You are not logged in yet!{/show}

    Or you can hide a promo text on weekends:
    {hide days="6,7"}Call us now!{/hide}

    More information:

  • Popular Search Keyword Analytics

    Popular Search Keyword Analytics is a smart keyword research tool that empowers you with information and guidance to help you maximize every facet of efforts to bring closer Supply and Demands. Not only does it show you what people are searching for, it gives you popular search keyword patterns to understand both supply and demands.

    Popular Search Keyword Analytics component in few simple steps bridges with any 3rd party component to grab search keywords and discover popular search patterns.

    You want to better understand what your market (supply and demand) ?
    You are serious about essential investment?
    You want to know the which area business is currently competing?

    Then you must have Popular Keyword Analytics to better understand your business.

    As websites have become complex an increasing amount of site users are jumping to the site search box and using that to find what they want. No matter if it is a Real Estate, Social, Yellow pages, Automobiles, E-commerce or other websites. The importance of Business analytics is an important component of most successful modern businesses.

    Data-driven companies treat their data as a corporate asset and leverage it for competitive advantage. Popular Search Keyword Analytics tool will achieve the desired results faster, more efficiently, and more effectively in the long run.

    If you want more traffic to your site or just want to better understand what your market is looking for you should explore Popular Search Keyword Analytics.

  • Logo Slider

    Logo Showcase with Carousel Slider that can display clients, supporters, partners or sponsors logos in your Joomla website.

    Joomla Logo Slider can display a list of Clients, Supporters, Team, Partners or Sponsors logos in your Joomla website.

    Logo Slider is a responsive and easy to implement carousel slider plugin for Joomla. With this plugin you can showcase a list of clients, supporters, partners or sponsors logos in your website. You can Create a grid of images with suitable links. This logo showcase plugin works great on mobiles and tablets.

    Exclusive Features

    100% Responsive.
    Multi-lingual Supported
    RTL Supported.
    Super lightweight.
    Infinity Slides loop.
    Touch Friendly Slides.
    Show Nav/ Dot on Over
    Touch and Drag Support.
    Tooltip Enable/Disable.
    Unlimited Logos Showcase.
    110+ Module Settings Options.
    Enable/Disable Section Header.
    Parallax Background Image & Color.
    60+ Special CSS3 Animation Effects.
    Life Time Support and Free upgrade.
    Style(CSS) Overrides available from Template.
    Custom Link, Title, Tooltip Text for each Item.
    Control Displayable Slides Item According Viewport.
    Customize & Control Everything form Module Settings Options.

    Others Available Features

    • Joomla 3.6 Ready.
    • 100% Responsive and mobile friendly.
    • Multiple Instances on One Page.
    • Background Image & color for Slider Area.
    • Tooltip font size, color, background color change options.
    • Background Image & color for Slider Area.
    • Control Slider Pagination Color.
    • Image & Text Navigation button.
    • Control Dots navigation and prev/next buttons.
    • Touch swipe navigation.
    • Slider auto pause On Hover.
    • Customizable Slides direction ( Left an Right)
    • Touch and Drag Support.
    • Logo Speed Control.
    • Strong Administrator Settings.
    • Excellent CSS3 Transitions.
    • Valid HTML & SEO friendly.
    • Editable styles with pure CSS or LESS ( Gulp File is available ).
    • Stage Padding.
    • Slider title font size change options.
    • Bottom center, Vertical Middle and Top Left/ Right Nav.
    • Pagination color change option.
    • Control Hover Style and Color from Settings Options.
    • Control Slider Style, Color, Opacity, Background, Hover Style, pading, margin etc.
    • Touch and Swipe enabled so works great on devices like iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android etc.

    Available Optins Tab

    => Module
    => Custom Source
    => Native Source(J3.6)
    => Responsive Settings
    => Style Settings
    =>Nav Setttings
    => Dot Setttings
    => Slider Config
    =>Tooltip Config
    => Header Settings

  • cAPI Core REST API

    Turn your Joomla website into a service to manage SSO, integrate with enterprise infrastructure, power mobile apps and more!

    Extend functionality with plugins

    Take advantage of our growing library of API service routes plugins. Monthly release expand functionality interfacing with and servicing external resources, securely.

    Save your application servers

    Built-in API rate throttling can be configured globally or an a per-token basis. Provides intelligent feedback which API consumers can use to proactively throttle requests before hitting hard limits.

    Control access without the hassle

    Leverage Joomla's robust ACL to control access to any add-ons, routes or request-types. Expert users can leverage Joomla's pluggable authentication architecture to open up corporate middleware and SSO capabilities.

    How does it work?

    cAPI injects the Slim micro-framework into the Joomla application instance, allowing for service route plugins to be built at any level of the event stack. But that's only the beginning!

    A Services Control Panel manages the creation of access tokens, Slim framework parameters and API rate limitation rules. This allows an administrator to create tokens mapped to specific Joomla users who in turn are assigned unique group permissions using Joomla ACL.

    The service routes are built into Joomla plugins which can be enabled / disabled or assigned access permissions individually. This opens the door for development of feature expansions to the core cAPI services to expose 3rd party Joomla extensions, database querying or even remote LDAP as RESTful JSON APIs.

    Additional Notes

    After installation, make sure to enable the newly installed cAPI plugins. In the future we will enable all install plugins by default. Also, please make sure that you secure your public websites via HTTPS before enabling API functionality.