Heidelberger Payment GmbH, briefly “heidelpay”, is one of the leading European Service Provider concerning the topic payment. The service portfolio of our PCI DSS certified company reaches from worldwide E-payment solutions to debtor management and risk management-functions up to a wide range of alternative payment methods.

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Unser Shop-Paket ist ideal für Website-Betreiber, die im Internet einen Shop betreiben oder ihren Besuchern einen Katalog mit Produkten präsentieren möchten. In dieses Paket haben wir für Sie den Virtuemart Webshop mit Joomla 2.5 und VM 2.0 (inkl. kostenlosem Template eines Virtuemart-Entwicklers) integriert.
Realex payments

Realex Payments, a division of Global Payments Inc., is one of Europe’s leading providers of ecommerce payment solutions. We handle transactions valued in excess of €28 billion per annum on behalf of over 13,000 clients. Realex Payments was founded in 2000 by award winning entrepreneur Colm Lyon. Realex Payments became part of the Global Payments network in 2015.

We are the trusted payment partner of large enterprises such as Virgin Atlantic, Paddy Power and Aviva. We also work with thousands of small to medium sized businesses, enabling them to scale their online business and expand their international reach. Over the past 15 years, we have established a strong reputation in the industry and amongst our customers for our ecommerce expertise, payments knowledge and dedication to excellent customer service. We are currently expanding both our product set and the regions into which we sell.

With expertise, innovation and dedication to excellent customer service, we are always on hand to support you and identify your requirements. We will deliver a holistic, compelling and market leading payment service to build your business and grow your sales.

Web link: realexpayments.com
Remove The Background

Remove The Background™ is the leading background removal service for e-tailers, bloggers, designers, photographers, and webmasters. We work around the clock to ensure you get perfect product images for your site. It takes only moments to specify your desired results, and we deliver a price quote instantly. Remove The Background™ will help you increase conversions and free up time for other projects.

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No matter where you sell online, high quality, consistent product images are essential for driving sales.  But creating professional product images requires endless Photoshop editing which can take up huge amounts of your valuable time and resources.

Luckily, we have the solution. With Remove The Background, you can sit back and relax while we do all the tedious work. Just upload your images, wait for a few hours and we'll send them back to you exactly as you want them.

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Youstice is a revolutionary way for companies to resolve customer complaints. Companies and customers communicate as partners via an application that engages with a friendly structured dialogue. And when they cannot reach an agreement, customer can elevate the complaint to a neutral third party for decision based on standard rules. All is done in a couple of clicks, time is saved and customer’s loyalty increased.

Merchant Benefits

Youstice is a new-generation multilingual online tool, delivering fast and fair solutions to customer complaints all over the world. It helps companies seamlessly communicate and handle claims - both within countries and cross-border.
Through Youstice, in just a couple of clicks, both sides can communicate and negotiate directly, getting issues resolved within minutes. The process is standardized, automated and sophisticated, as it provides options for a constructive dialogue between the consumer and retailer. If no agreement can be reached, Youstice offers the option to have the complaint reviewed by a neutral third-party professional, by mutual agreement, for a quick and fair decision.
By resolving complaints rapidly and fairly retailers become trusted sellers, gain loyal customers, prevent negative feedback and make clients more engaged.
Watch our video and visit our website for more information.

  • Connect with your customers and increase their loyalty – thanks to a personalized approach to customer complaints
  • You save time- solving a complaint takes just a couple of clicks
  • You minimize negative reviews and prevent customers from posting future ones by resolving their complaints quickly and efficiently
  • You get help with international expansion – you will get an access to our ecosystem of interconnected online markets, consumer organizations, trustmarks and ODR (Online Dispute Resolution) providers



Youstice provides customers with an opportunity to have their complaints resolved as quickly as possible and provides retailers with a single web application to manage customer complaints.
Youstice is based on a user-friendly system of pictograms and structured simple texts, so it can be expanded to any country irrespective of the language, allowing smooth negotiation between a customer and a retailer, each communicating in their native tongue.

Customer Benefits

We have designed Youstice to be truly user-friendly and easy for both consumers and retailers from different parts of the world. It is fast, intuitive and available in many languages. The application will guide you through the whole process and present you with a number of options to resolve the issue. Plus, our team is here to support you.

  • is an easy-to-use web application
  • can quickly manage customers complaints  and makes them feel more engaged and independent
  • is available in your language

Watch our video and visit our website for more information.

Web link: youstice.com