Brandmeier Begrünungstechnik - Germany

Technology and products which allow greening on houses
Brandmeier BegruenungstechnikBrandmeier Begruenungstechnik

Brandmeier Begrünungsstechnik, Germany

1. Describe your business in no more than five sentences. sells technology and products which allow greening on houses (facade greening) but also on industrial buildings, garages, carports etc.
The business also consults with a lot of knowledge on greening in general.

2. How did you come up with this business idea? Which market research did you do in the beginning?

This is a pretty old business that has sold the greening products across Europe.

3. Why is your online shop a VirtueMart? What are your most essential VM-extensions?

VM has served as the shop platform since more than 8 years. It is now fully integrated in the visual website. No extension was needed. VM has unique capabilities of customizability which are prerequisite for such a high degree of integration of the shop in the Website.