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Core VirtueMart 3 and 4 language packs (last updated on 30th November 2022)
Important Note: At present we can't update these language packs created by the ctransifex component from our translation project at, our translation platform. This is due to transifex now using a new API and we have to wait until somebody from the VirtueMart team, (probably Max) finds the time to rewrite the ctransifex component code. Unfortunately there are currently more important tasks to finish first, in order to keep the whole project alive. You can of course download and use these language packs in VirtueMart 3.x and the latest version 4.x, but you may find that some language strings are not being translated in your language. In this case you can check, if the missing language strings have already been translated at and copy them into the corresponding language files from here.

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VirtueMart 3 and 4 Payment Plugin Language Packs

VirtueMart Payment Plugins

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Translations are served by CTransifex using Transifex.