Relaunch of VirtueMart Portal

Reading this page, you will notice has a new look, new structure and new feel, which we started talking about this 3 years ago, so why has it taken so long? We had to wait until we were able to migrate everything to joomla 2.5 (Livesites, Links, Comments,...), which was a major job we have finally completed. We are proud that we have finally managed to present the new site; the design offers you more active areas, more links to specific information and easier navigation.

So many people added so many useful and helpful enhancements or features

Due the time it has taken us on relaunching the Virtuemart website, we were not able to finish vm2.1 as we would have liked, so we have released a new version of vm2.0, with many of the features we thought would be part of VM2.1. This was done because so many people added useful and helpful enhancements or features (like manufacturer depending rules), so it would have been a waste not to share these features as early as possible.

Slight philosophy step change for VM2.1

We have slightly changed our philosophy for the release of vm2.1, the idea was to release the version with a whole host of new features, but instead we have added some of these enhancements and features to 2.0.

The idea behind this was that we wanted to release it in a way that would allow us to get the newest features to you as quickly as possible, whilst in the background, 3rd party developers can have enough time to play with VM2.1 and adjust their products, which helps to reduce the impact on both the 3rd party extension developers and users alike. In short, VM2.1 plugins and extensions will be fully compatible with VM2.1 when it is released.


The newest release VM2.0 is ready for download, the new website, which we mentioned was a culmination of months of work is now live, and VM2.1 sitting on the edge being tested by the core developers, so all is looking good for the future.

Furthermore, we fixed smaller bugs.

The Future

Please read our roadmap

The update should be completely backward compatible, but there is a new setting for the email sender which you should be aware of.

Changes from 2.0.18a - 2.0.18b (14. February)

- Added calculation per category for rules per cart

- Added correct reducing of tax when a discount is used and different VAT taxes are required for the products (Thanks to Maik Künnemann)

- Email subject price displayed in the correct currency

- Fixed - displaying several times payment/shipment methods when a shopper is in several shopper group-

-  Moved TOS to top of check in cart, for easier use and visibility.

- Added – when shipment and tax use generic rules, if only one product VAT is used

- Added – Improved step order levels by Székely Dénes (Thank you)

- AvaTax

Changes from 2.0.18b - 2.0.18c (1. March)

- Fix - cart rules per category by kkmediaproduction (Maik Künnemann) and Max.

- Added ordering for child products

- Added manufacturer for rules per product, thanks to <mediaDESIGN> St.Kraft, please be aware, this won’t work for rules per bill despite the categories.

- RSS feed for homepage and categories

- Bug fix – when admin changed some addresses of users, the bug caused (on some occasions) the loss of the logged in admins own address, if the user was not a VM user already.

- Taxes for shipment selection in view.html.php

- Fixed - step_order_level by Székely Dénes was not working with old overwrites, compatibility enhanced

- New option for Avalara, option to disable taxes if it is not the cart.

- Avalara caching

- Aavalara added purchase order number

Changes from 2.0.18c - 2.0.20a (13. March)

- added unified way of tcpdf , thanks Reinhold Kainhofer

- updated tcpdf

- removed fixed width in emails

- fix for unknown mathop

- RSS feed topten

- Multilingual images (different images for each language)

- added use vendor email address to the shopconfig, so you can activate the stan fix or not

- jquery.validationEngine-xx.js loaded by language

- increased size of userfield names to avoid problems with tooo long language keys

- fixed the problem that childs using price of parent had no prices in the cart

- Added checks if invoice folder is writeable

More information please visit

Download VirtueMart2.0.20a targz

Download VirtueMart2.0.20a zip

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