VirtueMart in partnership with Stratus5, is pleased to announce VirtueMart2Go a cloud-based E-Commerce Solution that is now available to our customers as a ready-to-use On-demand service. VirtueMart2Go combines the leading content management system, Joomla and our popular VirtueMart eCommerce software as a pre-integrated, customer-ready cloud offering.

VirtueMart2Go, as its name implies- is a ready-to-go solution that you can use to instantly launch and operate your E-Commerce site. You don't need to invest in expensive hardware, software or labor to download, install, implement or maintain a solution. All you need to do is register on our website and start using VirtueMart2Go to launch your E-Commerce website in just minutes!


VirtueMart2Go is a fully-hosted service with all the cloud capability that you need to keep your online business humming with the highest reliability, availability and scalability and performance. Also, you get the latest application upgrades, updates and full hosting- automatically, as part of this service. Further, VirtueMart2Go customers can fully focus on operating and growing their online business without the need to worry about the underlying cloud technology or platform. This service is available to you for 10,00 USD. stratus5 will bill you on a monthly basis. You can set up your payment preferences and and you only pay-as-you-use.

Learn more about VirtueMart2Go and to try it out for free

Update of the Paypal Plugin

Our actual paypal plugin uses the HTTP 1.0 protocol for IPN notification, and by Oct. 7 2013 Paypal requires the HTTP 1.1 protocol. All merchant using a version prior VM 2.0.22a must either update VirtueMart to the version 2.0.22b or the Paypal plugin in order to have the IPN notifications still working. There is a new release of the paypal plugin for each VirtueMart version.

They are available on our development website, and they are named plgvm_virtuemart_paypal_vm{version number} 

Security update

Thanks to two users we were noticed about a lighter and more serious security leaks in VirtueMart 2. The version 2.0.22b contains fixes for both. The update is this time very painless if you used already 2.0.22a. There are only small fixes in it. We strongly recommend all users of Avatax to update the AIO at least.

yes again new features

One page checkout as option, at least for the steps shipment and payment. This feature is not completly tested, so in case let it disabled. Thanks to Jeremy Magne aka Daycounts, the ACL is also implemented, but is still in flux.

Fixes since 2.0.22a roughly listed:

Permissions: removing JOIN on vm user table isSuperVendor()
Paypal: notify url fix in case of website in subdirectory
Language flag: should be the country name (still some mess in the country flags)
Brazilian real: currency format fixed
Fixed the ajax errors that were causing the incorrect price updates.(by openglobal)
fixed: don't delete product prices from child's with multiple prices if parent product without any price is stored (by kkmediaproduction)
readded convention with other 3rd pary developers, for jquery (thank you Yannick)
added default parameter for getLastCategory and enhanced the SEO for manufacturer product pages (thank you P2Peter)
added fix so that we can set again the template by category (Thank you Felipe Weber)
fix for default_pricelist.php onsubmit="check<?php echo $step?>(this);" (Thank you Aptopa)
fixed a minor problem with the caching of avatax
fix for number of recent products;topicseen#msg397810
fix: price configuration was not affect the view of cart module prices
two small changes, one for the search (thank you optmax)
and in shopfunctions (thank you coppo82)
add product_available_date to availability
add product_available_date and product_availability to cart and order item array
add ItemId to product links in emails and product edit
warning fix in category view
small fix on cart payment price
missing css for ask-question-form
payment fee calculator (by alatak)
getCountryByCode function (by alatak)
Remove of exploit;topicseen
VM2014MP: : paypal / standard transaction fee
Fix for AvaTax,
Fixed security leak; XSS (thanks to Compass Security


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