Time goes by so fast and 5 years can be very short:

"On September 1st, 2005 the joomla.org sites were launched. Today Joomla! is one of the most popular software projects in the world. Approximately 2.5% of the web runs on Joomla. It is used by organizations as large as Apple, McDonald’s and the United Nations and ...by millions of people for their companies, hobbies and charities."

Success shows that it was the best decision to leave the Miro/Mambo Project and create an independent fork. VirtueMart has grown together with Joomla! and we would like to thank all the former and current members of the Joomla! Team for all of their efforts and work put into the project.

The Joomla! Team says "Thank you"

Facts about 5 years with Joomla! by JoomlaBlogger