The Paybox payment system of Verifone is extending more international. It has very interesting payment concepts. They support already more than 50.000 shops and do more than 140 Million transactions per year.

Equip your e-commerce site with a secure and recognised payment solution!
From a basic need to a more complex processing, Verifone secures your e-commerce flows by giving you access to over 30 payment methods.

15 years of experience with a wide range of customers
Paybox accompanies you in your daily life with a secure, modular and turnkey payment solution that meets all your needs.

With each transaction, you benefit from the advantages of a cross-channel, multi-bank, multi-payment means, multi-currency platform equipped with fraud management and reporting tools to facilitate the daily management of your business.


6 good reasons to choose Paybox

For you ... For your customers...
Your bank account is credited every night.
Paybox does not collect your transactions
Pay with the payment method they prefer
A choice of payment methods appropriate to your
your business and your customers
Convenient debit at the time of shipment, in installments, by subscription or in 1 click
A flexibility of collections, reporting, refunds
refunds to satisfy your customers and build loyalty
Quick refund in case of return on
the payment method used


Paybox is already integrated in our AIO installer, just update your installation, or use our full package to install Paybox with VirtueMart and Joomla!

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4.0.6 release notes

This release is for two critical bugs. The security feature for orderUpdate was too secure and blocked updating orders of guests. The other problem was in vRequest which uses the data of the router better now.