The new version comes with a slightly improved PayPal plugin and a new PayPal product named "PayPal Credit". It allows to finance a purchase with PayPal's partner Comenity Capital Bank.

Furthermore Amazon Pay is now ready for productive use. It makes the cart more efficient by using the same login as for which autofills the customer's address into the VirtueMart BillTo and ShipTo address forms.

Also, we worked hard to improve PHP 7 compatibility, exchanged volatile loops and conditions for more robust code and added more error handling code to prevent breaking javascripts. New abstract language helper functions now create the SQL for the language fallbacks, thus reducing bugs and increasing consistent behaviour. The backend now provides more functions for a comfortable workflow, more tooltips, filters, stored states of filters, fixed links and small GUI enhancements. Editing an order now calculates proper results. For example, changing the order status for one item now updates the inventory correctly.

The whole 'Tools' section got cleaned up and a more logical layout. We added a new wizard for setting the safepath, which sets a secure safepath with one click. The old function to change the storeowner got enhanced and now works reliable even when the vmuser entry is missing.
The revenue report now works correctly to the second. There is also a new hidden config to set the mode for the week.

The new joomla core 3.7.4 creates the plugin object while updating, so updating a VirtueMart plugin ends in a fatal error because the VM plugins need the loaded VirtueMart environment. Therefore we added a small system plugin, which ensures that the vm environment is loaded.

New triggers increase the flexibility of VirtueMart. The triggers plgVmBeforeStoreProduct and plgVmAfterStoreProduct in the product model allows automatically set product properties. The triggers plgVmOnUpdateCart (in cart controller) and plgVmOnAddToCart (in cart helper function add) give programmers more control when a user is adding an item to the cart.

The cart also has been enhanced with new features. We now have the intuitive automatic shipment/payment. The old method was to set a shipment/payment automatically, when there was only one choice. Then we added a small javascript, which sets the configured method automatically, when available. This had the disadvantage that only one method could be automatically configured and when it was not available, nothing happened. The new method automatically sets the first method. The item update within the cart now also uses ajax, except for removing a product, because there was no backward compatible solution (we may find one later). The new cart layout does not show an extra 'Save' button for the shipment/payment selection anylonger. Plugins which provide extra data must add the button themself.

Opening the order details now works also with ajax. Ajax for the category browse view currently is too complex considering backward compatibility, but it is of course planned for the future. The new productdetails layout now uses the thumbnail function to display the main image. This sounds a bit strange at first, but at the end it makes the automatic resizing feature also available for the main images. Layout overriders can now also change the used layout for the order list and order detail views per hidden config.

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