K+K Sport - Czech Republic

KKsport.cz sells all kinds of sport clothing and sport equipment.

K+K Sport, Czech Republic

Designed by our partner StaWEBnice:

1. Describe your business in no more than five sentences:

Eshop KKsport KKsport.cz sells all kinds of sport clothing and sport equipment. We represent major brands like Hannah, Hitec, Zajo, Blizzard, Alpina, Keen, Elbrus and others. We also specialize on pentanque equipment because we are great fans of this sport. Our main goal was not to sell online but to get people to our store in Brno, Czech Republic. And that works great because people are able to find us by searching the products on web. We also sell online but meeting people in person and advising them is our priority.

2. How did you come up with this business idea? Which market research did you do in the beginning?

We have been doing this since 1996 - selling sports equipment. The initial idea was inspired by our hobbies - sports and hiking. Because what can be more than connecting your hobby your job, right?

3. Why is your online shop a VirtueMart? What are your most essential VM-extensions?

We have switched to VirtueMart from Cart2Cart that was quite obsolete at the time and our webmaster - StaWEBnice - recommended us to try Virtuemart.

Our essential Virtuemart extensions are OnePage Checkout by Rupostel - not only for advanced cart features, but also revenues tracking by source, tabs on product page and others functions.

We use ProductXport by Linelab to export our products to XML feeds for price comparison engines.

Our products sell in many colors and sizes, so we use Customfields for All, Stockable Customfields and Custom Filters Pro by Breakdesign to create child products.

We also use Productmport by Linelab to import products not only from XMLfeeds but also excel files because not all of our suppliers have a XML feed.

To get our customers to buy more we use Alatak Pro Shipment plugin which shows how much money they need to spend yet to get free shipping.

For advanced coupons we use AwoCoupon component because it can also generate a free shipping coupon.