VirtueMart comes to the joomladay spain in Extremadura to spread knowledge about the best free ecommerce system. Come and visit our free workshops.

VirtueMart comes also to the joomladay germany in Berlin to spread knowledge about the best free ecommerce system. Come and visit our free workshops at the business day friday the 5. October 2012.


Additionally we have a new small subrelease, some features and some fixes.

VirtueMart 2.0.11

  • mass reference of products to categories or shoppergroups
  • joomla plugins in category views
  • some eye-candies
    1. if ST same as BT is chosen, ST is hidden
    2. if pricedisplay per shoppergroup is deactivated, the options for it disapear
  • orders list:
    1. link to user
    2. email displayed
    3. more fields are searchable (ordernumber, email, name, address_1, company, zip, ...)
    4. users list added new fields for the search (email, usertype, group,...)
  • new trigger in maincontroller FE
  • not logged in users can now have a shoppergroup (with trigger in maincontroller for 3rd party developers)
  • better show prices in productdetails
  • added Thai states
  • added more toggles (shared)
  • multivendor
      1. Fixed calculation rules for multivendor
      2. Fixed checkout for multivendor
      3. Frontend editing
  • better revenue report
      1. shows netto
      2. revenue of a vendor per product
      3. removed reloading of page, choosing a search parameter
  • ask for prices only if first image is not a downloadable file
  • added vendor data to register mail
  • calculation rules are stored now in the order
  • for 3rd party developers, added quantity to product so that customfield plugins can use the quantity
  • moved "all in once installer" to the general svn, phing script for creation of the installer is adjusted

    Read more about it here in the forum Release 2.0.11

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