Certification - What is the idea behind

The idea behind VirtueMart is that a lot people participate in the project. This means that there are a lot 3rd party developers and webagencies using VirtueMart. But the disadvantage of this system compared to a unified trademark policy is that a also not qualified people offer their service. This leads to frustrated customers who often payed high prices for crappy templates (deleting virtuemart standard views completly) or completly misuse of the tax settings and so on. We add more and more documentation on docs.virtuemart.net, help is very welcome, but documentation won't solve the problem.


The certifications help shopowners to find easier a good support and service for their shops. Due the different levels of certification it is easier for endusers to choice the right service level for them. We created nice logos to indicate in our link list who is part of the program. It also gives endusers the possibility to give a feedback to the core team to easily clear misunderstandings. 

 bronze 2013 Silver Certification

Seminars for VirtueMart

The Bronze certfication is 3 days and meant for webagencies. You are teached what is to consider installing VirtueMart, fast and safe. The 3 days are enough to explain all concepts you need to administrate your VirtueMart as a Pro. Learn all advantages of the customfields, tax rules and already built in template features.

The Silver certification is 5 days and meant for webagencies which wanna do more than just using a layout override. Here you are teached also in the extension development: how does the trigger system work, what does the VirtueMart API provide already, how to extend the textinput plugin to my needs, how is the database organized. 

A small group ensures high qualified training, personalized teaching and a good mood. Also you have plenty chances for personal talks.

Picture taken at the silver certification seminar 2012 near Madrid, Spain. It was really a pleasure.


Release VirtueMart 2.0.22a

Pure fixing release



Fixes 2.0.22a

- migrator: fixing shipment and shipment_tax
- fix in migrator to reflect the new order prices
- fixed multilanguage config issue for not 100% correct working language switchers. Fallback is now correctly added
- small fix in mediahandler, it actually never appeared as bug, but is cleaner now
- a little more compatible search in orders
- added allowed chars to keywords if you search for products (# and /)
- fixed unexpected T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM error for people using php5.2 (yeh we have an heart for you guys)
- fixed that the revenue update button reappeared for orders with total=0.0
- added to the config default the normal settings for the virtuemart frontpage, so the config dont need to be stored to see it directly after installation
- fix for virtuemart_Category_id= 0 is not published
- added fix for title (thx Pro)
-Fix for displaying infos for payment/shipment in the BE
-fix for pagination list box

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