What's new in VM2.0? Templates!

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Editing  categories' layout using the category view

Proceeding as I usual do with any MVC Joomla! extensions, I  copy components\com_virtuemart\views\category\tmpl 's content in \templates\ja_purity\html\com_virtuemart\category directory and start editing it in order to modify our category template. So here it's how my template directory looks like



Now i can edit default.php in order to style the category page in a way i like, maybe adopting it to ja_purity colour scheme.

This is how the standard default.php displays inside ja_purity: we are browsing Power Tools, at the top we find Power Tools' subcategory - Outdoor and Indoor Tools - and then products belonging to Power Tools are listed.


What if i want to override this layout ? just edit the default.php in \templates\ja_purity\html\com_virtuemart\category . So, for example, let's add an html line to this layout, a simple funny text: i edit default.php and place this snippet at line 23  (please note i'm closing and reopening php tags as i'm already in a php context at that line)

<h1> Yo brother, this is an html line!</h1>


And here it comes


Because default.php represents the default category template this modification will take place in other categories too, like Hand Tools