Flex Shipping Module

Micah (aka Ridge in the forum) has created a Shipping Module today. Here's what he writes about it:

"This is a shipping module that bases the shipping cost on the total value of the items in the cart.
If the value is below a defined minimum, it charges a flat fee. Above the minimum it charges a percentage
of the value of the cart. The base value of the cart, flat shipping fee, and percentage can all be defined
in the admin configuration under the shipping modules list.

You can download the module from our Downloads section.


To install, add the following to administrator/components/com_phpshop/html/admin.show_cfg.php around line 600 after
#       </td>
#   </tr> :

  <td valign="top"><div align="right">
   <input type="radio" name="conf_SHIPPING" <? if (PSHOP_SHIPPING_MODULE == 'flex') echo "checked="checked""; ?> value="flex" />
  <td valign"top">Flexi Custom Shipping Module<br>Charges flat shipping fee up to a minimum purchase<br>and a percentage of the puchase over that minimum</td>

Then upload the following files to administrator/components/com_phpshop/classes/shipping:

  • flex.ini
  • flex.cfg.php
  • flex.php