Virtuemart 2 RC 2 ready for download

VirtueMart 2 Release Candidate 2 released,

A bit later then announced, we release today VirtueMart 2 RC2 (1.9.8). As easy to see on the statistics of, we reduced the codebase again. We redesigned all tables and use now the nooku conventions. We added more b2b capabilities. The RC2 should now also be hardened against SQL-Injection, XSS and code injection. VM2 is working with j1.6, but not designed for it, that means we do not activly use the new ACL features and simular.

Very interesting for veterans, which use virtuemart 1.1 is the migrator. It already imports the most important stuff. At some points it does not make sense to import old setting, because it would lead to a very bad configurated VirtueMart 2 shop and not using the new advantages and features. But it should be possible for small shops to migrate to vm2 within some hours.

The new release also contains already an update function done by akeeba release system, dont wonder that it shows you running virtuemart 1.9.8, the final should just get the number 2.0.0.

The new features as list:

  • For faster and more secure programming we use now more abstract classes.
  • Completly redesigned table layout.
  • Added hooks for plugins (own views, own customer number system, and so on,...), look in the wiki for more information
  • Added registering while checkout
  • New backend design
  • Hardened against hackers
  • New js (jQuery to avoid Mootools incompatibility problems)
  • Customfields for the computer/pizza configurator
  • Real multicurrency, real currency format defined by currency
  • Prices displaying configurable by shoppergroups (also rounding)
  • Various sorting and searching options
  • Update system using Akeeba Release System (ARS, more information


  • Migrate your pictures to VM2 by uploading them into the right directory and synchronize them
  • Migrate your vm1 users, shoppergroups, manufacturers, categories, products and orders.
  • Migration process is resuming

What is lacking from our perspective?

  • The migrator could be more enhanced (more options speed).
  • Adding more different kinds of calculation (quantitative discounts, progressive discounts, profit)
  • Using better joomla ACL system for j1.6/j1.7
  • Hide debug messages

The core is fully compatible to j1.5 and j1.6, but the modules does not work without glitches in j1.6 yet.

For translators it is now the right time to join the team and translate the language files.

updated Downloadlink:


#28 Sergio Real 2011-12-21 02:32
I hope the new version is fully developed and flawlessly :D
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#27 tim93734 2011-12-19 12:29
unpack the zip first... it gives you 2 more zips!
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#26 tim93734 2011-12-19 12:26
cant log into the virtuemart backend. It says Ignore the message Error building Admin Menus but there is no menu to access the virtuemart control pannel. You can access it on installation but not after!!
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#25 Rupam Guha 2011-11-29 02:52
Cant install virtuemart. There is a error occurred "Cannot find Joomla XML setup file"
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#24 SHIV 2011-10-24 03:19
What's expected stable release?
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#23 Puneet 2011-10-22 10:15
Can we compare products. Like comparing two cars specs etc.
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#22 rimas 2011-10-18 10:16
This is where the end ............... .
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#21 carsten888 2011-10-03 07:11
Does VM2 have tax based on ip-adress? The Dutch tax-office only recognizes the ip on an order as the location of the buyer. I hope this option is in VM2.
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#20 Mieke 2011-09-22 11:50
i have also trouble to log in
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#19 GioSyst3m 2011-09-21 19:10
Hi, I am trying to use VM2 JML 1.7, I have not problem when I installed, component and modules; however, I got the next Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in test/components /com_virtuemart /router.php on line 733

This is my url where you can see the error,

On the other hand, When I click on Add car's button, it doesn't work property.

I would like to know if you could help me these problems. I am really intreating to use this component which I consider it's very nice.
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