VirtueMart 2.0.2 released with new features

The whole Team is happy to offer you the 2.0.2 Official Update, with new features, and improvements.

Some people said we released VirtueMart 2 too early and it was not a real final. Most programs are never final and so Virtuemart 2 is always under ongoing development. So what means final then?

It means that the code is not changing strong for extension developers and templaters.

There are already now a lot extensions available for VirtueMart 2 and it is steadily growing. The traffic on our page has increased and we are very happy to have a new provider as partner being able to handle the upcoming page load. With PayZen and Klarna we have two payment providers working directly together with the team. There exists also new solutions for VirtueMart 2 and mobile solutions. Our new partner for mobile solution is This allow us to work in the best conditions for you, to propose an always better online sales solution.

Link : Download VirtueMart 2.0.2

New features:

  • New payment plugins:  PayZen, and Authorize.Net
  • Compatibility Joomla 2.5
  • New billing system incorporated in core:  after order payment confirmation, the invoice is sent directly to shopper with the mail
  • PDF Librairy added in AIO
  • New router file reusable by 3 party's developers
  • Customisable Page titles per category and product
  • Automatic child customfield product displayed in a the parent product as a dropdown list
  • Media handles downloadables files (free download) and also files for sales
  • Faster media synchronisation 
  • New triggers (plgVmOnAddToCart)
  • Migrations of most of datas
  • Vendor view added, extended with layout for tos, about and contact
  • Legal Informations for vendors


Fixes, improvements, enhancements:

  • Some j2.5 blockers 
  • New order numbers and invoice numbers
  • One click checkout for registred user
  • More multibyte handling
  • Fixed slug generation
  • Sef links
  • Js fixes
  • Template enhancements
  • Fix for limit "all" in category
  • New getModel method to avoid not reproduceable bugs
  • Deletion of data, handling data
  • Some performance tweaks
  • Customisable positions for customfields in the productdetails
  • Tooltip for filter in mediahandler 
  • Medias can be unpublished now
  • Added register layout in user view
  • Minors in shipment and payment methods fixes
  • Corrected error that prevent other administrators in j1.7 to act as the mainvendo
  • Fixed price override display for anonymous
  • Fix for order list 
  • Calculation rules are stored in order
  • Search query
  • When installing the component com_virtuemart_aio, the configuration is not overwritten
  • Ordering for payment/shipment method display in checkout fixed
  • Fix stockupdate and other fixes in custom fields
  • Non vendors now stored with vendorid= 0
  • Custom fields are also cloned when cloning a product
  • Enhanced account maintenance
  • Facebox js fix, compatibility fix for jquery

...... some small enhancements, fixes and bugs mainly written in the forum.

Thanks all Virtuemart testers, users and developers for your support and help.

The VirtueMart 2 development team at the JoomlaDay France

This year, the Joomla Day France will be held from March 24 to 25, 2012 in Strasbourg. The VirtueMart development team will be there for a conference and to assist both new and experienced users. It is an great opportunity for us to meet the french speaking community.


#42 Php web development 2014-05-19 12:55
Great tip! Thanks. I generally print a hard copy of serial numbers for reference.
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#39 sukhman 2013-09-06 10:46
:D :lol: :-) ;-) 8) :-| :-* :oops:
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#38 Rukshar 2013-08-29 01:19
I am testing some of the features of virtuemart 2.02 with joomla 2.5.

I cannot seem to get the product snapshot plugin to work .

anybody has same problem?
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#37 Kartik Trivedi 2013-06-08 05:57

You can try free native mobile version of iVM for VM2.x at below link on appstore:

and Google Play at:

Best Regards,
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#36 Patricio Sarmiento 2013-06-05 13:16
I'm having problem with the stock update. when i buy a product and state is confirmed, I go to Inventary option and my stock does not decrease. Please tell me how to fix that.
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#35 Jack Hittle 2012-07-03 07:30
Please reference documentation:

Same results experienced by others as referenced in above forum.
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#34 flys 2012-07-02 05:10
whit this version we can sell downloadable product without the commercial plugin Shipment for Virtual Product ?

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#33 Business Website Design 2012-05-25 00:14
I am also getting this error I just installed the latest version of Virtue Mart on Joomla 1.5.25 my sytem SEF is set to Yes is this the problem? Is there a workaround as previous versions did not give these errors?
Should I install an older version of Virtue Mart to avoid the error? Website where I have installed Virtue Mart is Any suggestions please..
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