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      Security is critical for E-Commerce Applications. The Key to the trust of your Customers and your Success a secure Store.

      That's why we take the security of VirtueMart and its Extensions very serious. If we have found and fixed a Security Problem, we issue a "Security Bulletin", so everyone is informed. You can find a list of all Security Bulletins on this page for a better overview.

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    VirtueMart is an open source e.commerce solution released under GNU Public License, which means by the end, it free for download and use) and is for use in an PHP / MySQL environment.

    VirtueMart was written to be used inside a Content Management System (CMS) called Joomla! (also: Mambo).

    All you need is to download the latest Joomla! eCommerce Edition from this site.

    You can now use a shop component within your own "portal" together with much other components and modules like forums, faq, guestbooks, galleries and so on, which are available for Joomla! (mostly for free). Even if you think that you don't need such a portal and a big CMS - you are more flexible with it. Change the look and feel of your site by using the Mambo Templates, which use CSS and X/HTML.

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      VirtuMart is an Open Source E-Commerce solution, which is based on a Shopping Cart Script called "phpShop" (originally developed by Edikon Corp. and the phpShop community (http://www.phpshop.org). mambo-phpShop is a Fork to the phpShop script. It's released under the GNU Public License, which means by the end, it free for download and use.

      It is completely integrated into a Content Management System (CMS) named Joomla (www.joomla.org). Joomla! and VirtueMArt written in PHP and made for easy use in a PHP / MySQL environment.

      All you need is to download the actual Mambo distribution from www.mamboserver.com and the VirtueMart package from this site. Mambo provides the Core System and the Framework, which VirtueMart can use.

      So you can easily use a complete Shopping Cart Solution within your own dynamic Website ("Portal"), together with many other Plug-Ins, called Components and Modules, like Forums, FAQ, Guestbooks, Galleries........Change the look and feel of your site by using the Templates for Mambo sites, which use CSS and X/HTML......all these Templates and Plug-Ins are available on forge.joomla.org or extensions.joomla.org (mostly for free). Even if you think that you don't need a Portal or a "big" CMS - think about and just try it! You are more flexible with it.

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