Yes a new mayor sub version as it would be sub number 24 already. On the other hand, this version works now very well on Joomla 3 and of course Joomla 4.3 and PHP8.2. So most things have settled in 4.0.22 and compared to last autumn we had almost no bugs to fix. So this stability should also be reflected in the version number and therefore 4.2!
Some have already noticed, after years of maintaining our root server on our own, our developer server went down. But thanks to our members, we can leave the do-it-yourself attitude and have our infrastructure repaired and maintained by a professional team in the future.
So there is no feature and bug fix list this time available. I thank our members for their patience and for the forum moderators for the good job keeping my back free. Of course, I will now focus more on the community again.


PayPal Checkout

VirtueMart and PayPal has always been a strong combination. Almost every VirtueMart store used PayPal. PayPal has been VirtueMart's first Platinum Partner for 10 years now. Their steady commissions have supported the funding of the VM project since years. The plugin was revised several times and got new features like SmartButtons, but still on the old API. Our provided plugin became an oldtimer.

The VirtueMart Team and PayPal are very proud to release the new PayPal Checkout Plugin working with the PayPal REST API V2.
You can expect a perfect seamless integration with VirtueMart, all workflows are combined. Just trust the buttons.

The new plugin also introduces Venmo for US merchants. Very interesting for European merchants are the "Country-specific payment methods", which allow local payments. Customers can use their addresses stored at PayPal or provide a new shipping address.

Advanced Credit Card works with 3Dsecure to protect the merchant and the customer. Credit card information is entered in a high-tech secured box and no sensitive data is processed on the shop server.

Read more about the PayPal features here PayPal logo

Simple Configuration

Simply use the convenient merchant onboarding provided in VirtueMart. Just click on the merchant Onboarding button in the paymentmethod edit view. Use the login in the popup and let PayPal configure the basics of the plugin for you. The connection to the iStraxx UG (haftungsbeschränkt) is, in opposite to some other shop systems, without any granted rights. It is just for the convenience.

DOWNLOAD VirtueMart 4.2.0

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